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What caused the traditional Hapsburg values of life to be overshadowed?
a. Electricity
b. Automobiles
c. Factories
d. Invasions

c. Factories

Austria and Hungary each had its own:
a. Constitution
b. Laws
c. Government
d. Parliament
E. Choices a and b
AB. Choices a and d

AB. choices a and d

The Ottoman Empire was considered...
A. the losers of the war
B.The sick man of Europe
C. The Idiots of Europe
D. Brother Peter's favorite

B. the sick man of Europe

T/F Joseph inherited the Hapsburg throne when he was 18 years old


T/F The Hapsburg Empire was an empire consisting of one notionality


T/F Austria had trouble making their population loyal to them


T/F The Austrian government tried to limit industrial development


T/F The Austrian Emperor, FrancisI, upheld Communist goals


T/F When nationalist revolts broke out in 1848 the government gave them what they wanted


Who was the ruler of France in 1848?
a. Napoleon Bonaparte
b. Louis XVI
c. Maximilian Robespierre
d. Napoleon III


What entrepreneur built the Suez Canal
a. Andrew Carnegie
b. Ferdidnand de Lesseps
c. Peirre Omidyar
d. Joyce Hall


What was not part of the reformers agenda
a. minimum wage
b. foreign policy
c. Regulation monopolies
d. Child labor


T/F Napoleon III encouraged investment in industry


T/F The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the U.S.


T/F Woman's suffrage helped cause the Civil War


T/F The Boxer Uprising led to increased notionalism in China


Who started the Opium War?
a: emperor
b: Guang Zu
c: peasants
d: China


T/F in the 1800s China was on an economical downfall


When did Ci XI die?
a. 1947
c. 1877
d. never


Since womwn were now in schools in China they began to replace Confucian ideas with?
a. history
b. math
c. science
d. all of the above
e. just b and c


T/F China had always had a favorable army


The reformer act allowed for more men to vote than before as long as
a. they owned land
b. they were over 40
c. they owned land
d. they were not married


T/F Queen Victoria did not hoist much Political Power


New Laws banned the employment of boys girls under the age of ____
A. 10
B. 15
C. 18
D. 8


T/F Queen Victoria opposed the idea of woman haaving the right to vote


_____ helped the Tories form into a political power
A. Benjamin Disraeli
B. Queen Victoria
C. William Gladstone
D. King George


T/F later in the early 1900's the House of Lords became powerless and just a ceremonial body


T/F the pashas were ambitios provincil rulers who led to the decay of the Ottoman empire


T/F by the 1700's all three Muslim empires were cery well off and had a consideraly "bright future"


Which of the following are Muslim rulers?
a. Pashas
b. Concessions
c. Sultans


Which of the following are part of the Ottoman's efforts to reform and Westernize?
a. Reorganize and institute bureaucracy
b. Make peace treaties with neighboring states
c. Institute democracy and paper maney


T/F Genocide is a deliberate attempt to destroy a racial, political, or cultural group


Which of the following Muslim empires ruled the lnd that extended from West Africa to Southeast Asia?
A. ottomans in the middle east
b. Safavids in Persia
c. Mughals in India
d. all the above
e none of the above


Imperialism is
a. formation of an empire
b. the complete domination of one country over another country
c. the stocking of weapons for military purposes
d. tendency for a country to remain nuetral


Social Darwinism is ____
a the theory of evolution
b political party
c. the application of survival of th fittist on cultures
d. study of primates


South Africa was conquered by
a. britain
c. Italy
d. Ottoman Empire


the boers were of _____ descent
a. Indian
b. English
c. Dutch
D. German


T/F Menelik II was the king of Italy


T/F By the end of the 19th century nearly all of Africa was under Asian rule


T/F The British territories were spread out across the map in Africa


T/F Ethiopia was the private estate of the King of Belgium


Russian did not only grow in power but in __ too:
a. Vodka production
b. economics
c. population
d. Industrialism


T/F one reason why Russia had a hard time to progress and grow was because it wasn't inified


Who changes brought the enlightenment in Russia?
a. Liberal
b. Notionalists
c. Brother Peter
d. a and c
e. a and b


T/F The british and French allied with the Ottomans to defeat Russia


___ brought the idea of "trial by jury" in Russia
a. liberal
b. the military
c. Alexander III
d. Tsars


T/F Alexandrer III reused methods of Nicolas II


A day where protestors were massacred by the soldiers of the tsar after protesting peacefully by marchin and bringing petitions to his winter palace on January 22, 1905
a. Good Friday
b. Easter Sunday
c. Bloody Sunday
d. Bloody Saturday


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