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Reglas: 4. Expressing feelings 5. Expressing will or wish 6. Negation or denial


to be glad about something (like gustar)

Me alegra que

It makes me glad/happy that

Nos alegra que

I makes us glad/happy


to be frustrated about something (like gustar)

Me frustran los chicos que

It frustrates me (the boys plural that

A ella le frustra que

It frustrates her that

Me gusta que

I like that

A ustedes les gusta que

You guys like that


to be preoccupied/worry about something (like gustar)

A ti te preocupa que

It worries you that

A ellos les preocupa que

It worries them that


to be bother by (like gustar)

A mí me molesta que

It bothers me that

A ella le molesta que

It bothers her that

A vosotros os molesta que

It bothers you all (Spain) that


to be irritated about something (like gustar)

A usted le irrita que

It irritates you (formal-singular) that

A mi mamá le irrita que

It irritates my mom that(when)

A los profesores les irrita que

It irritates the professors that(when)


to be surprised about something

A ti te sorprende que

It surprises you that

A la chica le sorprende que

It surprises the girl that

sentirse (e-ie)


Siento que

I feel that

Siente ella que

She feels that

Sentimos mucho que

We feel (very strongly) that (about)

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