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For those in Voelker's Class

the Cold War

America and Soviet Union attempt to be the dominant force in the world through alliances and the enlargement of their respective military's

The United Nations

Idea of Big Three powers being allies before an event came about that divided them. Endorsed by FDR at the Yalta Conference

The Iron Curtain

The division between the powers controlling and occupying Germany and therefore, Germany itself. Coined by Churchill, idea from the Soviets.

The Truman Doctrine

US would provide money to countries that claimed the y were threatened by Communist expansion. instigated by Commie and anti-commie war fro Greece.


preventing the spread of Communism

The Marshall Plan

American program set up to aid the needy countries after WWII. Didn't include the Soviets. Endorsed by General George C. Marshall.

The Yalta Conference

Held in Feb. 1945. Big Three meeting. FDR pushed formation of UN. Soviets help US with Japan. Germany must unconditionally surrender. "Free" elections for USSR and its sphere of influence

The Berlin Wall

Only in Berlin. Kept East Germans out of West Berlin. inside Soviet's Germany

The Berlin Airlift

System of airplanes from the French, British, and US that allowed the West Berliners to be fed. Flew from Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, and Braunschweig.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Included former members of the Warsaw Pact. Signed April 1949 (mostly against Communism)

The Warsaw Pact

Allowed USSR to control Eastern Europe (sphere of influence) using Communism.

Communist Revolution in China

Mao's revolution in 1949. Chain Kai-shek leave China. Becomes People's Republic of China. Mao: Stalinist. UN shocked that 2 Communist Countries were now in the permanent security council of 5.

The Korean War

1950-1953. The Forgotten War. No real heroes. UN problems as to whether or not to allow Korea to be Communist.

38th parallel

Divided the Korean peninsula. DMZ (de-militarized zone). Decided by the UN.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Almost brought on nuclear war. Caused by soviets giving nuclear missiles to Cuba within striking range of US mainland.

Bay of pigs Invasion

US's attempt to overthrow Soviet-supported totalitarian regime through the Bay of Pigs. Failed.

Satellite States

Eastern Europe states under USSR's sphere of influence

The Great Leap Forward

Mao's failed attempt to create a classless society through the people's communes

Tienanmen Square Uprising

Chinese protests for democracy. Caused by political corruption and inflation. Uprising crushed by military.

Chinese Cultural Revolution

from 1966-1976 and attempted to eliminate old ideas as well as rivals to communism so that China could reach the final stage of Communism, a classless society.

Eastern Bloc

Communist Bloc. Includes USSR and the states under it sphere of influence.

Uprising Poland (1952)

Revolts to get rid of Communism. Soviet's influence remained because of Warsaw Pact

Uprising Hungary (1956)

Promised free elections, but were rigged so communism nominees won. Could have led to the end of communist rule in Hungary. Soviets controlled the uprising

Uprising Czechoslovakia

Revolts to get rid of Communism. Soviet's influence remained because of Warsaw Pact


The murder of more than 5 million Jews and other who Hitler did not think were acceptable to live in his new world.


In response to the split of Palestine because of religious differences by the UN, the Jewish declared the area the state of Israel, a safe haven for Jews.

Balfour Declaration


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