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L'imparfait où le passé composé

The imperfect or the past participle? Which one to use?
I was going
j'ai vu
I saw
I was (imperfect)
j'ai été
I was/had been
je suis allé
I went
nous étions
we were (imperfect)
nous nous promenions
We were walking
je me promenais
I was taking a walk
je me suis promené
I walked
Vous étiez
You were (imperfect)
I was writing
j'ai écrit
I wrote
the passé composé has this many elements
The imperfect has this many elements
The passé composé is made up of events which happen this many times
The imperfect is made up of an event which doesn't have this
a specific end
Nous buvions
we were drinking
Nous avons bu
we drank
je buvais
I was drinking
j'ai bu
I drank
je lisais
I was reading
j'ai lu
I read
tu es allée
You went (fem.)
il est allé
he went
nous sommes allés
we went
vous êtes alleés
You (pl./fem.) went
ils sont allés
They went (m.)
elles sont allées
The went (f.)
je regardais
I was watching
j'ai regardé
I watched
The "passé simple" is used for this
narratives and literature