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meterregular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables giving a line of poetry its patternmoodis the feeling a text arouses in the reader: happiness, peacefulness, sadness, and so ononomatopoeiathe use of a word whose sound suggests its meaning, as in clang, buzz, and twangpersonificationa literary device in which the author speaks of or describes an animal, object, or idea as if it were a person: "The rock stubbornly refused to move."refrainthe repetition of a line or phrase of a poem at regular intervals, especially at the end of each stanzarepetitionthe repetition of a word, a phrase, or an idea for emphasis or for rhythmic effect: "someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door..." -Edgar Allan Poerhymeis the similarity or likeness of sound existing between two words. Sat and cat are perfect examples of rhymes because the vowel and final consonant sounds are exactly the samerhyme schemethe pattern of end rhymes designated by letterssimileis a comparison of two unlike things using the words like or as: "She stood in front of the altar, shaking like a freshly caught trout." -Maya Angelousonneta poem consisting of fourteen lines of iambic pentameterstanzaa group of lines forming a unit Couplet: two-line stanza stanza Quatrain: four-line stanza Quintet: five-line stanza Sestet: six-line stanza Triplet: three-line Septet: seven-line stanza Octave: eight-line stanza Quintet: five-line stanzatoneis the overall feeling, or effect, created by a writer's use of words. This feeling may be serious, humorous, or satiric.