TCM Chapter 1 and 2


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Which of the following strategies has the shortest delivery lead time and the least customer input?
Make to stock
Making a pizza at a fast-food restaurant would be considered a form of:
assemble to order
Which of the following is/are primary activities of manufacturing planning and control?
I. Production planning.

II. Implementation and control.

III. Inventory management.
The ability of manufacturing to produce goods and services is called:
If the old backlog was 200 units, the forecast for the next period is 500 units, and production for the next period is 600 units, what will be the backlog at the end of the next period?
Materials management can be considered a balancing act because:
I. There are trade-offs between customer service and the cost of providing the service.

II. Priority and capacity must be balanced.
Which of the following is normally a major activity of materials management?
I. Manufacturing planning and control.

II. Physical supply/distribution.
Which basic production planning strategy avoids hiring and layoff costs and the costs of excess capacity?
____________ is concerned with long-term planning of manufacturing activity:
sales and operations
Over a 10-week period the cumulative sales are forecast at 10,000 units, the opening inventory is 200 units and the closing inventory is to be 100 units. What should be the weekly planned production for level production?
1) 990
If the cost of manufacturing (direct labor and materials) is 50% of sales and profit is 15% of sales, what would the profit percentage be if the direct costs of manufacturing was reduced from 50% to 47%?
For the purposes of production planning, product groups should be established on the basis of:
Similarity of Manufacturing process
The term that describes eliminating waste throughout a company is:
Lean production
Which of the following is (are) input(s) to manufacturing planning and control
Product description
Process description
Available facilities
Quantities to be produced
A statement of a schedule of requirements for individual end items is called:
a Master production schedule
Which of the following plans has the longest planning horizon and the least level of detail?
Strategic business plan
Which of the following is NOT an activity of physical supply/distribution?
Factory inventory
Which of the following is a characteristic of a production plan?
If the opening inventory is 100 units, the sales are 500 units and the ending inventory is 200 units, then manufacturing must produce:
4) 600 unit
The function of setting the limits or levels of manufacturing operations based on the market plan and resource availability is called:
Production planning
Over the time span of the production plan, which of the following can usually be varied to change capacity?
Work force,
Savings in the supply chain mostly are the result of:
Members in the chain sharing information
Which of the following is a complete closed loop planning system that develops plans for all materials and operations?
Enterprise resource planning
Which basic production planning strategy will build inventory and avoid the costs of excess capacity?
production leveling
If the manufacturing lead time of an item is reduced by 50% the work in process inventory:
is reduced by approximately 50%
The objective of materials management is to:
I. Provide the required level of customer service.

II. Maximize the use of the firm's resources
Determining the need for labor, machines, and physical resources to meet the production objectives of the firm is called:
capacity planning
Priority in production planning relates to:
How much of what is needed and when.
Companies A and B supply company C, which supplies customers D and E. Which of the following statements is best?
The supply chain for company C includes A, B, D, and E.