Unit one test

William Bradford
Leader of the colonists of the Plymouth, MA settlement
John Smith
tried to force the colonists of Jamestown to work and imposed discipline on them
Jamestown, VA
Which of the settlements created the first civil government in America by voluntarily agreeing to work together as equals to govern themselves?
Jamestown ,VA
Which colony suffered a "starving time," possibly taking part in cannibalism; until1620. 9 out of 10 sttlers died.
___ introduced cows, pigs and goats to___ during the Columbian Exchange.
___ introduced coffee and slaves to __ during the Columbian Exchange.
___sent potatoes, chocolate, tomatoes, corn and sugar to___ during the Columbian Exchange.
Conquered the Aztec empire with the aid of thousands of other Indians
Born to English parents in Genoa, claimed Newfoundland and Nova Scotia for the English king.
Spanish explorer who sailed Northward on the Pacific coast of what is now California and claimed the land for Spain.
Francis Xavier
Jesuit missionary who traveled to India and Japan.
He left spain with 5 ships planning to circumnavigate the globe. He was killed in the pacific but one of his ships made it back to Spain.
Conquered the Incan empire and was murdered by his own men.
Famous for being the first European to see the Pacific ocean.
(The Eastern seaboard was the best location) the location was good for a dense amount of settlement, the average weather there is good for the function of the brain (60-65 degrees), there was a warm summer and a cold summer which made the settlers work hard to prepare for the winter, good amount of rainfall, almost anything can be grown, abundant wildlife and a good amount of trees(lumber).
what are some reasons why North America was the best place for colonization/settlement?
They are viewed as a group of people who were dull, cruel and strict. They are not often viewed in a good way.
How are are the Puritans often viewed by Modern-day historians and Americans in General?
They were strict, based on the Bible and concerned with repentance.
what were puritan laws like?
(True or False) One of the most famous Puritan preaching families was the Mathers-Increase,Cotton
When the children came of age, they would go through the normal steps of courtship and when it was time to propose the parents could veto on whether or not they agreed with marriage.
How were Puritan marriages arranged?
The covenant community and the family.
What was the foundation for puritan life?
False, They ate a variety of foods grown in the colony and there was much socialization.
(True or False) The meals of the Puritans usually consisted of only bread, water and nuts, and they were all eaten in silence
He was a very warm and giving man who often paid for the puritan expenses without complaining.
What kind of man was John Winthrope?
Disease, hunger, infant mortality, and Indian attacks
What sorts of problems did the Puritan settlements have to deal with?
They spent hours upon hours in church and took breaks only to have meals.
How did the Puritans observe the Lord's day? (Sunday)
The land had previously belonged to the pautuxet Indian tribe which had been killed off by disease. They had already done the work of clearing the land.
Why were the pilgrims of Plymouth rock able to find land that was already cleared when they landed in the New World?
She either Fell off or Jumped off the Mayflower while it was out at sea. Nobody knows the real story.
What happened to William Bradford's wife?
The last city they had been to in their home country was called "Plimoth" so they named it after that city.
Why did the pilgrims name their settlement "Plymouth" ?
Cold weather and sickness.
What caused the death of about 50% of the people who settled in Plymouth that first winter?
He had previously been taken to England to England so that he could learn the English language so that he could tell the English about the different territories. He spent 9 years learning the language.
How did Squanto know English?
He interpreted the language of the Indians so that the settlers could interact with them and he also taught the settlers how to live off the land.
How did Squanto help the English settlers?
90 indians, they ate turkey, deer, corn, and a variety of fruits, vegetables and pies
how many Indians joined the colonists for the first thanksgiving and what was served?
What caused the colonists of Plymouth to experience a "starving time" during the second winter?
They got to grow crops and farm for their families specifically rather than the whole colony
What happened in April of 1623 (the second spring) to cause the colonists of Plymouth to work extra hard at planting?
The pilgrims didn't understand why God was punishing them until they realized that they were only thinking about themselves rather than praising Him. They repented and asked for forgiveness and God brought upon the land the best crops they had ever had.
How did the Pilgrims of Plymouth respond to the drought and what was the result?
Europeans bought slaves from africa and brought them the the New World for labor, many Europeans migrated to overseas colonies to either escape religious persecution or improve their economic condition, and trade/emigration spread the influence of European civilization.
What impact on the world did the Age of Exploration have?
there was an inflation of Gold and silver coming from the New World, Europeans brought potatoes, tobacco, corn,chocolate, sugar and tea from the New World, the population shifed from rural to urban areas, trade routs shifted from the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic ocean, the policy of mercantilism, and fights over colonies resulted.
What impact did the Age of Exploration have on Europe?
England vs. Spain, England vs. Netherlands and England vs. France.
What wars were started because of fighting over the colonies during the Age of Exploration?
Who became the world's leading colonial power by 1763?
1.) The crown-king or queen pays for the colony. 2.) Proprietors-have people with a lot of money pay for the colony. 3.) Joint stock company- a system where the exact location, how long they planned on owning the colony and what % of the colony would belong to the crown had to be recorded.
What were 3 ways a colony could pay for the finances of starting a colony?
They picked a bad location (diseases, no good fresh water), most of the settlers weren't farmers so they didn't know what to do, the joint stock was set up to where everyone was equal, no women or children were brought over so the men had no motivation to work hard. many of them died (1 out of 10 survived).
what problems arose with the settlement of Jamestown?
He made a map of the whole area surrounding the settlement
What did John Smith do before he left the settlement of Jamestown?
Tobacco/ Virginia
in 1612, John Rolfe discovered that ___ grew well in ___.
90 young women were brought to the colony to motivate hard work, they were given the right to establish a legislature, and a Dutch ship showed up with 20 African slaves
What are some things that happened in Jamestown in 1619?
They went bankrupt and Jamestown was turned into a royal colony.
what happened to the Virginia company in 1624 and what was the result?
False, 35 of the settlers were separatists, the other 65 just came to help start the colony.
(True or False) All of the settlers of Plymouth,MA were separatists.
The Mayflower Compact.
Because the Mayflower had been blown off coarse and the place they ended up was no longer in reach of their Charter, they created __________.
When did the Mayflower land in Plymouth?
The fall of 1620.
When did the Pilgrims celebrate thanksgiving?
They bought out their original investors and became a free colony
What happened to the Plymouth colony after 20 years?
Roger Williams/Church/State
____ went to Rhode island because he thought that the ___ should be separate from the ____
She started out listening to he Pastor, John Cotton but began to rebel against and change certain Christian beliefs. She went to Rhode Island with Roger Williams but was later killed by Indians.
Who was Anne Hutchinson?
Thomas Hooker
Who founded Connecticut?
Royal Colony
In 1662, Connecticut became a _____.
New Hampshire.
In 1638, ____ was founded.
Royal colony
in 1679, New Hampshire became a _______.
Maryland, North and South Carolina, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Which colonies were proprietary colonies?
Lord Baltimore
Who founded Maryland?
People from which other state settled in South Carolina?
Rich people who were sent by Charles II
which people settled in North Carolina?
South Carolina
which state was the first slave state?
Rice, and indigo dye
What goods came from South Carolina?
the Dutch
Which group of people founded New York?
New York
by the late 1600s,_____ was the wealthiest state and had the most slaves.
It was broken off of New York for two of king George's friends.
How did New Jersey come to be founded and for what reason?
William Penn.
who founded Pennsylvania?
" The city of brotherly love"
Pennsylvania is often referred to as what?
To be a buffer state between South Carolina and the Spanish South.
Why was Georgia founded?
James Oglethorpe
who helped settle in Georgia?
people who had problems in England
What kind of people settled in Georgia?
where did the Germans that settled in Georgia come from?
A Refuge for the poor. it was handed over to the king.
Georgia became a what? and who was it handed over to?
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
which colonies were the southern colonies?
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
Which colonies were the middle colonies?
Connecticut, Rhode island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
Which colonies were the Northern colonies?
John Calvin
"Institutes of the Christian Religion" was written by who?
Preaches the word, ministers to the sacraments and has discipline
According to John Calvin, a true church does what things?
To choose to be or not to be a part of the church.
what is voluntary association?
people put in place to represent and make decisions
A representative government has what?
read the bible
John Calvin believed that everyone should be able to what?
transform/ separate
According to John Calvin, Christians should ____society, not ____from it.
The French came for land, the Spanish came to get rich and the English came for religious freedom. The spanish and French did not bring families. The English did.
What are the differences between the French, Spanish and English settlers of the New World?
Which settlement came first? Plymouth or Jamestown?
The Pilgrims
Who came first? The Pilgrims or the Puritans?
# 1Virginia #2 Massachusetts #3 New Hampshire #4 Maryland #5 Connecticut #6 Rhode Island # 7Delaware #8 North Carolina #9 South Carolina #10 New Jersey #11 New York #12 Pennsylvania #13 Georgia
What is the chronological order of the 13 colonies? (from the first to settle to the last)
The Mayflower compact was just a compact stating that Plymouth was separate from its charter and established it's own laws, the fundamental order of Connecticut was an actual constitution.
What was the difference between the Mayflower Compact and the fundamental of Connecticut?