22 terms

American Revolution

Gaspee Affair
British customs ship destroyed by colonial citizens.
George Grenville
became prime minister and first lord of treasury
Quartering Act
forced the colonies to provide barracks for the brittish troops
Paul Revere
sent by patriot leaders ti spread the alarm
Declaratory Act
act saying that England can make and enforce any law it wants
Surgar Act
tax placed on sugar, molasses
Stamp Act
direct tax placed on all printed goods
Francis Marion
known as the "swamp fox"
Civil War
a war within one country
George Rogers Clark
patriot that took 175 troops down the Ohio River
city where British surrendured
turning point in the war, also brought France and Spain into the war
French and Indian War
War between Britian and France
John Paul Jones
famous colonial naval officer
paper money issued in the colonies
Robert Morris
wealthy planter who helped finance the war
voluntary freeing of enslaved people
William Howe
British general that commanded troops in New York
Benedict Arnold
famous American trader
a license giving the ship permission to attack British vessels
The Battle for New York
Howe failed to pursue George Washington
Paying for the War
colonies didnt have power to tax