16 terms

Law and Ethics Chapter 1

Vicariously Liable
Legally obligated in place of someone else.
Mental Incapacity
A condition in which a person lacks reasoning faculties to understand ordinary concerns or to act competently.
Reasonable Person
A prudent person, whose behavior would be considered appropriate under the circumstances.
One who doesnt have training in a specific profession.
A record of being qualified to perform certain acts after passing an examination given by an accredited professional organization.
Indicates that the holder meets the states minimum qualifications for a particular occupation.
Standard of Care
The degree of care that a reasonably prudent person should exercise under the same or similar circumstances.
Procedurees Manuel
A referance handbook explaining the procedures to be followed when performing a task by which a legal rite may be enforced.
Independent Contractor
One who is self employed and works under someone for specific tasks.
Due Care
Duty to have adequate regard for another person.
Liabilty Insurance
Insurance designed to cover a policy-holder for acts of ommisions for which he or she may be legally obligated.
Failure to act with reasonable and prudent care.
Placement of a name on a list as qualified for a profession ; May require special testing.
Prone to engage in lawsuits.
Medical Malpractice
Medical professional misconduct.
Respondeat Superior
An employer is vicariously liable for the behavior of an employee working within his or her scope of employment.