99 terms

Geography Exam 3

folk poets from west africa
east coast pop
jay z
west coast pop
snoop dogg
dirty south pop
lil jon
midwest pop
kanye west
global pop
mountains in asia
- himalayas
- mt everest
known as the adobe of snow
mt everest
- tallest mountain in the world
when is the best time to climb mt everest?
in may before the monsoon season
rivers in asia
- indus
- ganges
- brahmaputra
indus river
supports agriculture in pakistan
ganges river
holy river in hinduism flowing in india
brahmaputra river
flows out in bangladesh
seasonal rain season in an arid climate
known for its grid street pattern and underground sewers in the indus valley
sepoy mutiny
need gov troops to put down a rebellion in 1857
hinduism gods
- brahma (creator of universe)
- vishnu (preserver of universe)
- shiva (destroyer of universe)
- came to asia in 10th century
- not in southern india
disciples founed in the punjab region of asia
where is the punjab region?
nw india
how did buddhism start?
from teachings of prince sidd hartha gautayma
where was prince sidd hartha gautayma born?
what does buddha mean?
enlightened one
teachings and ways to enlightenment
our lives are conditioned by past actions
caste system
division of people based on ancestry and occupation
two caste divisions of asia
brahmas (top) and untouchables (bottom)
priests and bureacrats
untouchables/ harijans
informal section jobs
demographic transition
process of change in society from high birth and death rates to low rates, with an increase in population
4 stages of demographic transition
- 1 high birth and death rates (no country)
- 2 death rates decline, birth rates stay high (afghanistan)
- 3 birth rates decline but still higher than deaths (US)
- 4 low birth and death rates (germany)
what will be the largest country by 2050?
what is the sacred ganges river used for?
- drinking
- play
- sewage
- cremation
what is the sikhs sacred place?
golden temple
hindu festival of color in northern india
taj mahal
a mausoleum in agra, built in 1653 by shah jahan in memory of his wife
dehhi, india
indias capital
kolkata, india
- eastern coast
- known for flooding
mumbai, india
- western coast
- bollywood
leaders of india
- mohandes gandi
- jawa harla nehru
mohandes gandi
belief in now violence
jawa harla nehru
indias 1st prime minister
what does india fight with pakistan ove?
what is the economy of NE india know for?
what is the economy of bangalore known for?
computer software
tourist spot on west coast of india
official language of pakistan
northwest frontier of pakistan
militant area near afghanistan border
what is pakistan a large producer of?
what happened in 1971 in pakistan?
split from east pakistan
Chinese figure who believed in human virtue
Loo Tze
mystical chinese figure who founded daoism
the way
life force
zhang he
"great explorer" and led 20 thousand chinese to the rest of asia
four major regions of china
1. NE china plain (heartland, now the "rustbelt")
2. north china plain (forbidden city)
3. basins of chang/yangtze
4. basins of xi and pearl rivers
dalai lama
leader of tibet buddhists who escaped in 1959
majority of uyghurs population (muslim)
great leap forward
economic plan to develop industrial output by diverting labor from agriculture in China
special economic zone
manufacturing and export center within china to attract foreign investment and technology transfers
pearl river hub
growing economic area in SE china (hong kong, guang zhou, and macaw)
tiananmen square
student led democracy movement suppressed by chinese army
opium wars
drug destroying chinese culture led to conflict with the british
what happened to china by the end of the 19th century?
it became a weakened state
chiang kai-sheks
chinese nationalists that chased out foreigners in 1927
who led chiang kai-sheks?
mao zedong
the long march
group of communists driven into the interior of china by the nationalists
people's republic of china
well organized communist militia defeated the nationalists
one child policy
only one child allowed in china
negative consequences of the one child policy
more abortions and more female infanticide
genghis khan
mongol leader that united all mongol tribes
four large islands of japan (from north to south)
1. hokkaido
2. honshu
3. shikoku
4. kyushu
military ruler under an emperor
meiji restoration
"return to enlightened rule" in japan
means "divine wind"
omote nippon
front japan
ura nippon
back japan
knickers giving day
women give men chocolate and men give women underwear in japan
onbashira festival
held every 6 years in japan where people ride a log down a steep slope
"lucky cat" charm from japan
human tetris
game show in japan
where is north and south korea separated?
38th north parallel
who were the phillipines named after?
king phillip
domino theory
destabilize one country will lead to the collapse of neighboring countries
angkor wat
ancient hindu temple for god vishnu
khmer rouge
wanted a rural society, instituted terror as a weapon
who led khmer rouge?
pol pot
landlocked country
no access to ocean for trade
example of a landlocked county
golden triangle
area of opium production (burma, laos, thailand)
what tourist activity is thailand known for?
sepak takraw
combo of soccer and volleyball in thailand
kuhla lumpur
multimedia super corridor from malaysia
straight of malacca
busiest waterway in the world located in malaysia
when did east timor become independent?
policy to induce residents of overcrowed areast o move to less populated areas (indonesia)
where is the largest goldmine in the world?
where are great karaoke singers from?