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to prevent the success of, frustrate; or refers to a literary device where the author creates a character whose primary purpose is to create a contrast to another character by laying emphasis or drawing attention to the latter's traits and characteristics through the former's obviously contradictory ones


encouraging; inciting; urging to some course of conduct or speech


(adj.) apparent; how something appears


(v.) to return evil for evil; to pay back an injury in kind


(adj.) having or producing a full, deep, rich sound


(adj.) luxurious; lavish; entailing great expense


(adj.) arising from or due to touch; impressed or communicated by contact or impingement; relating to or originating in touch


(adj.) capable of doing many things competently; variable or inconstant; changeable; having varied


(v.) to make predictions based on signs or omens; (n.) a soothsayer


(adj.) pertaining to a conflict or struggle within a group; mutually destructive

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