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Stress Management - Physiological - Drugs (Biological Psychology)

Benzodiazepines (BZs) - on the brain
Chemical in brain known as GABA - slows down brain activity - Valium makes GABA more effective (brain activity & neurons turn down = whole brain much calmer)
No matter how stressed, enough valium can block it out
Short periods of acute stress - only for a few days
+Works really fast +Very effective +Quick to deliver
-Can cause memory loss -Only deals with symptoms -Might cause people to stay in horrible situations
Krishnan (1976) - use for valium and beta-blockers
Double blind study - 32 students with exam stress - given either Beta-blocker or Valium - both reduced anxiety
Valium = more confident but got below predicted grade
Beta-blocker = more successful but didn't feel more confident
+Double blind study (participants & administrator doesn't know whats going on) +Ecologically valid
-Not generalisable -No control -Ethics (valium not great now)
Dasberg & Van Praag (2007)
Patients in mental home - vailum good for first 2-3 days to calms down senses - not useful long term, only severe
+Placebo - sugar +Ecologically valid
-Not large enough group
Beta-Blocker - works on the body
Receptors on internal organs - adrenaline/noradrenaline go into them - hearts speeds up - BB blocks receptors - adrenaline/noradrenaline can't get in - heart doesn't increase
Helps people with CVD and panic reaction disease
+Works quickly +Veryeffective
-Side effects can make circulation and asthma worse
-Only deals with symptoms