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Microbiology Gordon

The process of removing electrons from molecules.


The process of adding electrons to a molecule.


Chemical reactions in the cell need what to make them happen.

Activation energy

Special proteins that bring together two or more reacting molecules without being part of the reaction.


Any chemical that speeds up a reaction without being part of it.


Involves competition between inhibitor and substrate fir the active site.

Competitive inhibition

Inhibitor binds to enzyme somewhere other than the active site.

Noncompetitive inhibition

Anaerobic process - energy is conserved by substrate level phosphorylation and organic molecules serve as both the source and the final acceptors. Produce alcohol.


Process of conserving energy from wither organic or inorganic molecules via electron transport phosphorylation and using atmospheric oxygen or inorganic molecules as terminal electron receptors. ATP.


Harvests energy from sunlight via the mechanism of electron transport phosphorylation.


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