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SOL 12

More women and minories entered the labor force.
Citizens volunteered in support of the war effort.
The draft (selective service) was used to provide personnel for the military.
Describe how the United States organized its economic, human and military resources on the Home Front, to achieve victory during WWII?
Increasingly participated in the workforce to replace men serving in the military
Typically participated in noncombat military roles.
How did women help out with the war effort on the home front in WWII? Who is Rosie the Riveter?
Migrated to cities in search of jobs in war plants
Campaigned for victory in war and equality at home.
During WWII, where did African Americans migrate to and why?
Strong anti-Japanese prejudice on the West Coast
False belief that Japanese Americans were aiding the enemy.
Describe what internment camps were and why they are set up?
Internment affected Japanese American populations along the West Coast. The Supreme Court upheld the government's right to act against Japanese Americans living on the West Coast of the United States.
How did internment camps affect the Japanese Americans? Why did the Supreme Cout uphold the constitutionality of internment camp?
A public apaology was eventually issued by the United States government, and financial payment was made to survivors.
In an effort to make amends with the Japanese Americans who were placed in internment camps during WWII, what did the U.S. do to mend relations with those held in internment camps?
The United States government maintained strict censorship of reporting of the war. Public morale and ad campaigns kept Americans focused on the war effort. The entertainment industry produced movies, plays, and shows that boosted morale and patriotic support for the war effort as well as portrayed the enemy in sterotypical ways.
During WWII, how did the U.S. utilize the media to boost public support?