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WWII and Cold War

A key source of American reluctance to confront the rise of Nazism and fascism in Europe during the 1930s was
all of the above-haunting memories of the first world war, widespread indifference to the persecution of european jews, the ethnic allegiances of many americans of italian, german, or irish descent
A major success for Germany and its allies during WWII was
the blitzkreig campaign
which of the following series of events is listed in proper sequence?
german annexation of austria; hitler-stalin non-agression pact; battle of stalingrad; big three conference at yalta
which of the following was not a major thrust of the four freedoms promoted by fdr
the only thing americans have to fear is fear itself
which of the following was not a feature of american involvement in WWII
fdr agreed to a wartime alliance with the soviet union only after stalin promised to rid his country of communism after the war
which of the following was not an effect of wartime mobilization on american society
americans of german descent were herded into internment camps, on the basis that the could not be trusted
which was not a significant difference between the conservative and liberal visions for postwar america?
conservatives regarded capitalism as essential to america's future; liberals regarded socialism as essential to america's future
which of the following gatherings did not play a major role in the planning of the postwar international order?
the munich conference
which was not one of the four freedoms, fdrs shorthand for american purposes in WWII
freedom of liberty
fdr "repudiated the right to intervene militarily in the internal affairs of latin american countries," writes foner. define repudiated
to cast off or disown, to reject with dissaproval
fdr's foreign policy with regard to latin american countries was called
the good neighbor policy
what province of northern china did japan invade in 1931
which was not a goal or action of hitlers
he seized control of the philippines and malaysia
the founder of italian fascism who sent troops to invade and conquer ethiopia was
benito mussolini
with the spread of this on college campuses, thens of thousands of students took part in a strike for peace in 1935
during WWII, the axis powers were
germany italy japan
in december 7 1941 japanese planes attacked the us naval base at pearl harbor. where is pearl harbor
june 6, 1944 the day on which nearly 200000 american, british, and canadian soldier landed in northwestern franc, in normandy, is known as
the mass extinction of undesirable peoples that hitler undertook in 1941, and that we now call the holocaust, he called
the final solution
the branch of the federal government created in 1942 to mobilize public opinion, and that sought to make the conflict a peoples war for freedom as called
the office of war information
the self-confident woman, portrayed as fully capable of doing a man's job in posters and on magazine covers during wwii was called
rosie the riveter
the congressional legislation that extended an array of benefits, including unemployment pay, educational scholarships, etc, beginning in 1944 was called
the serviceman's readjustment act, or GI bill of rights
executive order 9066 led to japanese-american internment during WWII. define internment
the act of confining someone during wartime
the desire for both victory at home against segregation, and victory overseas against the germans and the japanese, came to be called this by african-americans during WWII
the double-v
which of the following was not a contributing factor behind the rise of the cold war
churchill's call for the construction of a great wall between east and west germany
which of the following was not a key provision of the 1947 taft-hartle act
unions cannot discriminate on the basis of race
which of the following was not a dramatic feature of the 1948 presidential election
lively debate between supporters and critics of the korean war
which of the following was not a common target of the anticommunist crusade
laissez-faire conservatism
who was the person who sent the long telegram from moscow in 1946
george f kennan
containment in the context of power WWII international diplomacy by the US referred to
the policy by which the united states committed itself to preventing any further expansion of soviet power
the truman doctrine articulated
asserted that the united states as the leader of the free world must take up responsibility for supporting freedom loving peoples wherever communism threatened them
the june 1947 US policy initiative that envisioned a new deal for europe, and pledged money to finance european recovery
the marshall plan
when the US, Britain, and france introduced a separate currency in their own zones of control in Berlin, the soviet union responded with the
berlin blockade
the first hot war of the cold war took place in
which was not true of the korean war
president truman acknowledged and accepted general macarthurs push toward the chinese boarder and his threat to use nuclear weapons against the chinese
turmans program that focused on improving the social safety net and raising the standard of living of ordinary americans was
the fair deal
who was the US senator from wisconsin who announced that he had a list of communist working for the government
joseph r. mccarthy
Essay 1
Russia agreed to help us fight Japan at the Yalta Conference (Feb. 1945), but they came in after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped, USSR was communist (All members of the economy share both work and benefits, no classes) US was capitalist (Social/cultural rules and political laws define the environment, supply and demand, survival of the fittest), Truman-Doctrine says we'll fight anyone who wants to fight Communism.
Essay 2
They started it: Yalta Conference-Russia said they would come help us fight Japan, but they do so very late, we started it: after we dropped the a-bomb there was a huge arms race
Essay 3
United States was the greatest manufacturing country in the world-we
created a plane every 63 minutes, we had the atomic bomb, failure of german airforce to develop long range heavy bombers on the assumption that Russia would be defeated
Essay 4
We rationed things, were great producers, tested new weapons, rallied support through bonds and propaganda, draft. WWI: we didn't really want to get involved and we didnt have as much technology