Herdman and Gatherer of Sycamore fruit
Amos' Occupation
Where did Amos live
Who was the King of Judah
Who was the King of Israel
Who was the Father of Jeroboam
2 years before the earthquake
When was the Book written
Roar, Utter his voice
The Lord will___________ from Zion and _________ ___ _________ from Jerusalem
It will Whither
What willl happen to the Top or Carmel
Threshed Giliad with threshing instruments of fire
What Transgretions is Demascus guilty of
Amos' Father
3, 4
for ___ transgretions and for ____
His Servents The Prophets
Who does the Lord Reveal his secrets to?
The Horns
What part of the Alter will be cut off and cast to the ground?
The mountians of Sameria
Where do the kind of bashon live
Every morning
When should sacrifices be brought
After 3 years
When should tithes be brought
Go into captivity
What will happen to Gilgal
Come to nought
What will happen to bethel
Your Feast days
What does God Hate and despise
What does God not do in their solemn asembelies
Molach, Cyune
What are the names of the idols that Isreal made for themselves
a Plumline
What was the wall that the Lord stood on made of?
a Plumline
What was in the Lord's hand while standing on the wall?
The Priest of Bethel
Summer fruit
What was in the basket that God showed Amos
What were the poor to be bought for
A pair of shoes
What were the needy to be bought for
The Lord will cause the sun to go down at what time
The clear of the day
The Lord will darken the earthat what time
bread, water, hearing, word of the Lord
not a famine for _____ or a thirst for _____ but of _____ the _____ ___ ___ _____
The lentil of the Door
Where did the Lord ask Amos to strike
Where did the Lord bring Isreal out of
Where did the Lord bring the Philistines out of
Where did the Lord bring the Syrians out of