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What helped China to become a great sea power under Song leadership?
the invention of the magnetic compass
What does Angkor Wat reveal about the Khmer Empire?
they were influenced by India
How did Genghis Khan succeed as a conqueror?
He was a brilliant organizer and strategist. He used cruelty as a weapon
Which Mongolian practice did Kublai Khan NOT follow?
a nomadic way of life
Why was the Khmer city-and-temple complex Angkor Wat built?
it was a symbolic mountain built to honor the Hindu god Vishnu
What did the Kamikaze, or divine wind, do for Japan?
It stopped a Mongolin invasion
What resulted from the interaction of nomads and settled societies?
Peaceful trade. However, they were sometimes tempted by rich land and wealth and took it by force. Settled people lived in constant fear of raids
What happened during Pax Mongolica?
Idea and inventions travel along with trade goods between Europe and Asia. Pax Mongolica means Mongol Peace
What helped the Chinese to overthrow the Mongols?
internal struggles against mongol family members
Why did Kublai Khan favor Mongols and foreigners for government posts?
He believed they were more trustworthy because they had no local loyalties
Tang Taizong
Emperor Taizong of Tang, personal name Li Shimin, was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China, ruling from 626-649
Wu Zhao
At the age of 13 she became the emperor's secondary wives. She took the throne of Tang Taizong at the age of 65. She was 80 when she lost power. During her rules she a over many places, including Korea
Movable type
Blocks of metals or woods each bearing a single character, that can be arranged to make up a page for printing
A class of powerful, well-to-do people who enjoy a high social status
A member of a nomadic group that herds domesticated animals
A group of people descended from a common ancestors
Gengish Khan
"Universal ruler" of the Mongol clan. He loved to conquest
Pax Mongolic
The Mongol peace-period from the mid-1200's to the mid-1300's when the Mongols imposed stability and law and order across much of Erasia
Kubli Khan
Ruler of China and the Mongol Empire. He builders luxurious places. Grandson of Genghis Khan. He completed his grandfather goal, conquer all China
Marco Polo
Venetian trader. Served the Great Khan well for 17 years. He was in prison. He told stories of travels and adventures
The native religion of Japan. " many way of the gods "
One of the professional warriors who served Japanese feudal lords. " one who serves"
The strict code of behavior followed by Samurai warriors, emphasized honor, bravery and loyalty, in Japan
The way of a warrior
In feudal Japan, a supreme military commander who ruled in the name of the emperor
Khmer empire
Southeast Asian empire, centered in what is now Cambodia, that reached its peak of power around A.D. 1200
Angkor Wat
One of the worlds greatest architectural achievement. A temple complex built in Khmer Empire and dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu also used as an observatory.
Koryu Dynasty
A dynasty that ruled Korea from A.D. 935-1392.