Chapter 2

20 terms by lluton

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Minimum acceptable

Standards define the _____ performance of a product or service.


The goal of ____ is to establish international technological standards to facilitate the global exchange of information and barrier free trade.


The _____ is a specialized United Nations agency that provides developing countries with technical expertise and equipment to advance those nations' technological bases


____ oversee the IAB (Internet Architecture Board).

It describes a theoretical representation of what happens between two nodes communicating on a network

Which statement accurate describes the OSI model?


Which OSI model layer initiates the flow of information?


Which OSI model layer manages data encryption?


Which OSI model layer does TCP operate?


Which type of protocol is useful when data must be transferred quickly?


Transport layer protocols break large data units into _____.


___ is the process of reconstructing segmented data.


Each network node has ____ types of addresses


The process of determining the best path from Point A on one network to Point B on another known ____.


Which Data Link sublayer manages flow control?


Which Data Link sublayer manages access to the physical medium?

Physical address

The ____ is a fixed number associated with a device's NIC.

Physical and Data Link

In which OSI model layer(s) do NICs operate?


In which OSI model layer(s) do hubs operate?


Which IEEE standard describes Ethernet?


Which IEEE standard describes specifications for wireless transmissions?

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