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epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, urethra, scrotum and penis

What are the 6 male secondary sex organs?


comma-shaped organ on the posterior side of testes

head, body and tail

3 regions of epididymis

ductus epididymis

the epididymis contains a coiled tube called

store sperm for several months, maturation site of sperm and site where flagellum becomes more functional, secrete glucose to feed the sperm, site of old sperm to be phagocytized and absorbed and site where sperm leaves the epididymis and enter the vas deferens

what are the 5 functions of the epididymis?

Ductus Deferens

Another name for Vas deferens

vas deferens

18 inch long muscular tube within the spermatic cord that transports sperm by peristalsis

transport sperm

purpose of vas deferense

seminal vesicle duct

both of the vas deferens will unite with a _______________ and lead into the ejaculatory duct


Semen (acidic/alkaline)


pee (acidic/alkaline)


8 inch tube divided into 3 regions that transports urine and semen

urine and semen

what does urethra transport?

prostatic, membranous and spongy urethra

what are the 3 regions of urethra


large pouch of skin and subcutaneous tissue located on the ventral base of the penis, anterior to the anus

smooth muscle

what type of muscle is dartos?

scrotal septum

the scrotum is divided into 2 compartments by a partition of dense c. t. called

support and protect the testes, help regulate body heat for sperm development, dartos and cremaster muscle to contract under involuntary sympathetic innervation (stimualted by col temp, or sexual excitement

3 functions of scrotum


cylinder shaped organ of copulation

transport urine and semen to the outside

what is the function of penis

body or shaft and glans penis

what are the 2 regions of the penis


elongated regions composed of 3 columns of erectile tissue

corpora cavernosa

what is the dorsal column of the shaft of penis

tunica albuginea

corpora cavernosa is surrounded by

corpus spongiosum

the single ventral column is called

surrounds the spongy urethra and is surrounded by tunica albuginea

what does the corpus spongiosium surrounds and is surrounded by

glans penis

acorn-shaped distal end of corpus spongiosum

corona of glans

what is the proximal margin or ridge of the glans penis


what is the loose fold of skin that covers the glans penis

frenulum of glans

the prepuce is attached to the glans on the ventral side called


what do you call the surgical removal of prepuce


shed skin cell, oil secretions and anything that occurs between the glans and prepuce

seminal vesicles, prostate gland and cowper's gland

What are the 3 accessory glands for semen

posterior base of bladder combined with vas deferens to form the ejaculatory duct

seminal vesicles are located at


seminal vesicle (endocrine or exocrine)


prostate gland (endocrine or exocrine)


cowpers gland (endocrine or exocrine)

inferior to the urinary bladder surrounding the prostatic urethra

where is the prostate gland located

below the prostate on each side of the membranous urethra

where is the cowpers gland located


sperm and accessory gland fluids

testis, seminal vesicles, prostate and cowpers gland

what are the 4 sources of semen

water, sperm, mucus, fructose, seminal plasmin and prosta glandins

what is the composition of semen?

raise pH to neutralize the male urethra and acidic vagina

what the purpose of the mucus from semen

acts as an antibiotic

what the purpose of the seminal plasmin in semen

to give energy source for sperm

why is there fructose in semen

seminal vesicles

fructose are the energy source for sperms, this is secreted by the

acts as hormones to cause reverse peristalsis of uterus

purpose of prosta glandins in semen

2-5 ml, 300 mil sperm

what is the volume of semen and amount of sperm

7.2 to 7.8

what is the pH of semen

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