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  1. v. n. to grow, expand, or multiply at a rapid rate
  2. n. 1. a large and violent whirlpool or something resembling a whirlpool
    2. a place or state of great turmoil or confusion
  3. n. 1. a joining or coming together; the place where a connection occurs
    2. a point in time made critical by the timing of the circumstances
  4. adj. 1. of or relating to the skies or heavens
    2. heavenly, divine; of the finest or highest kind
  5. v. to distribute something or pay out money, especially from a public or other fund

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  1. antiquatedadj. n. marked by great strength, size, or influence


  2. titanicadj. best or most favorable


  3. aberrationn. the state of being certain of the truth or rightness of something


  4. optimumadj. best or most favorable


  5. remissadj. negligent; careless; lax