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  1. adj. hard to manage, tame, or control; stubborn; not easily cured.
  2. v. n. to grow, expand, or multiply at a rapid rate
  3. adj. best or most favorable
  4. v. to expose to public scorn or contempt
  5. v. to place side by side

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  1. galaxyv. to expose to public scorn or contempt


  2. juncturen. 1. a joining or coming together; the place where a connection occurs
    2. a point in time made critical by the timing of the circumstances


  3. maelstromn. 1. a large and violent whirlpool or something resembling a whirlpool
    2. a place or state of great turmoil or confusion


  4. certitudeadj. 1. of or relating to the skies or heavens
    2. heavenly, divine; of the finest or highest kind


  5. disbursev. to expose to public scorn or contempt