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CIS 105 Study Guide IIII

The two most common mechanisms for sharing an IP address are a router or ____.
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Many printers can be configured to communicate directly with the network. If this feature is not built into your printer, it can be added by purchasing a ____.
print server
____ was used to render screen drawings and print jobs in Windows XP.
Graphics Device Interface (GDI)
Printers typically understand either ____ or Printer Control Language (PCL).
When a new application designed for Windows Vista or Windows 7 prints, it uses ____-based printing.
Drivers can be staged manually by a user with administrative rights using the ____ utility.
____ is a utility introduced in Windows Vista that is used to control scanning and faxing documents in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Windows Fax and Scan
____ minimizes all windows except the current window.
In Windows 7, the ____ is updated each time a file is changed to ensure that search results are current.
In addition to defining which locations are indexed, you can also define which file ____ are indexed and how those files are indexed.
Windows 7 allows you to create ____ that contain additional metadata for organizing your data.
A(n) ____ is a virtual folder that contains the files matching a search query.
saved search
____ are small pieces of content from a Web site that notify you there is an update.
Web Slices
The ____ zone includes all Internet Web sites that are not specifically assigned to another zone.
____ allows some disk access to be designated as low priority.
Low-priority I/O
A ____ occurs when a limitation in a single computer system component slows down the entire system.
____ bottlenecks occur when Windows 7 and running applications want to read and write information to the physical disk in the system faster than the disk can manage.
A ____ bottleneck occurs when there is too much work for a processor to do.
The ____ area of the Performance Monitor is used to monitor disk performance and determine whether the disk subsystem is a bottleneck.
The ____ area of the Performance Monitor is used to monitor network performance and determine whether the network subsystem is a bottleneck.
The Used Physical Memory performance indicator assesses the ____ of physical memory that is being used.
____ are used to process log file data and display it in a meaningful way.
To process the data in the log files, you specify rules. A rule is a(n) ____ file that contains instructions specifying how the data is to be processed.
To generate reports covering a specific time frame, you may wish to combine smaller logs into a single large log or break a large log into multiple smaller logs. This can be done with the ____ command.
____ provides an overview of the current state of a computer.
Task Manager