25 terms

CIS 105 Study Guide VI

____ allows the computer state to be rolled back to a previous restore point.
System Restore
Since the early versions of x86 computers, the ____ has acted as an interface between hardware and the operating system.
____ expands on the domain concept by linking domains in logical structures named trees, and multiple trees into forests.
Active Directory
A(n) ____ has a central security database that is used by all computers that are members of it.
Each domain can be subdivided into ____ that allow you to organize the objects in a domain.
organizational units (OUs)
To make Active Directory more manageable, it is divided into the domain partition, configuration partition, and ____ partition.
Active Directory uses ____ replication. This means that Active Directory information can be changed on any domain controller and those changes will be replicated to other domain controllers.
When a new device is installed into a Windows 7 computer, the operating system uses a(n) ____ and device setup class to properly install the new device.
device identification string
The ____ for a Windows 7 migration project defines which computers should be upgraded to Windows 7.
____ is a system that enforces requirements for client health before allowing client computers to connect to the network.
____ allows clients to access resources local to the server as if the client was on the same network as the server.
Remote access
Dial-up connections can be made over a(n) ____ line or phone line.
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
The remote client uses ____ software to send keyboard and mouse commands to the computer being remotely controlled.
remote control
The Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure for analog dial-up is usually the ____.
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
The ____ is designed to carry human voices from one phone to another as an analog signal.
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
To access the properties of the dial-up connection, you can access the Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel and follow the link to ____.
Change adapter settings
The ____ setting enables the connection to request that the remote access server consider this link as one part of a multiple-link connection from this computer.
Negotiate multi-link for single link connections
The ____ tab controls the behavior of the dial-up connection while it is connecting.
____ allows the use of extra credential information to securely authenticate the user. It can optionally use the user's Windows logon credentials, certificates, and smart cards to identify the user and the connection as trusted.
Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
The ____ tab of the Remote Access Preferences dialog box allows the user to configure how their client requests or responds to offers of a callback from the remote access server.
You can use the ____ tab of the Remote Access Preferences dialog box to enable logging for a dial-up connection.
A secure point-to-point connection can be created using ____ technology.
Virtual private networks (VPN)
The connection state between two PPTP endpoints is created, maintained, and terminated using a version of the ____ standard.
The ____ protocol is designed to carry remote control session data efficiently and securely between the client and server involved in a remote control session.
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
____ allows a user to send an invitation to a remote user using instant messaging or e-mail that invites them to remotely connect to the local computer.
Remote Assistance