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When controlling access to data folders or files, permissions to these resources are assigned to individual user accounts or user groups.


When you share folders on the network, the ____ permissions for remote users need to be set.


he term ____ applies to a kit or set of tools used originally on UNIX computers.


If an infected computer will not boot, it might be that the boot sectors of the hard drive are infected or damaged or the BIOS code might be corrupted.


It is necessary that all computers belong to the same workgroup in order to share resources.


A $ at the end of the folder name creates a(n) ____ share.


If viruses are launched even after you boot in Safe Mode and you cannot get the AV software to work, try searching for suspicious entries in the subkeys under ____.


The ____ command can be used to encrypt, decrypt, or recover an encrypted file when the certificates are lost.


A rootkit running in ____ mode intercepts the API calls between the time when the API retrieves the data and when it is displayed in a window.


Windows XP uses ____ file sharing by default, which means you have no control over who has access to a shared folder or file.


To know for sure exactly which permissions for a file or folder are in effect, see the ____ tab of the Advanced Security Settings box.

Effective Permissions

The best way to change inherited permissions is to change the permissions of the ____.

Parent Object

Use ____ to search for malware processes, especially those that mask themselves as core Windows processes and elude AV software.

Task Manager

____ on a motherboard offers security features including power-on passwords, support for intrusion-detection devices, and support for a TPM chip.


If you name a shared folder Financial$, in order to access the folder, a user must enter ____ in the Vista Start Search box.


In UNIX, the lowest and most powerful level of UNIX accounts is called the ____ account.


A(n) ____ computer is not allowed to use the network, is put on a different network dedicated to them, or is only allowed to access certain network resources.


Many notebook computers have a chip on the motherboard called the ____.


If you cannot access an encrypted file because the certificate is corrupted and there are no backup certificates, you might be able to recover the file using a(n) ____ certificate.


To see a list of services managed by Svchost, enter this command in a command-prompt window: ____.

tasklist /SVC

AV software detects a known virus by looking for distinguishing characteristics called ____ signatures.


Certificates are managed using the ____ console.

Certificate Manager

Allowing users full control of a folder is always required by job requirements.


For a stand-alone computer that is not part of a Windows domain, the EFS encrypting process generates a ____ digital certificate to be used for the encryption.


Permissions manually set for a subfolder or file cannot override inherited permissions.


You can recognize a program as a counterfeit process if it's not running under System, Local Service, or ____.

Network Services

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