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Types of MIGRANT


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a person who moves, either temporarily or permanently, from one place, area, or country of residence to another
a person who leaves one's resident country with the intent to settle elsewhere.
a person who comes to live in a foreign country.
a person who is outside their country of citizenship because they have well-founded fear fear for their well-being
Asylum Seeker
a person who has applied for refugee status and is waiting to hear the result of their claim.
Illegal immigrant
an irregular or undocumented migrant whose presence in the country is breaking the laws of the country.
Expatriates (Expats)
a person who has left their country e.g. UK to live in another country
Economic migrant
a person who travels from one country or area to another in order to improve their standard of living.
Internal migrant
a person who moves within one country.
Seasonal worker
a person who moves to work in a seasonal job e.g. fruit picking.
Voluntary migrant
a person who moves of their own free will.
Forced migrant
a person who has no choice about moving away.