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VA SOL Grade 3 Study Island Vocab 1

3.1, 3.11, 3.11c, 3.11d, 3.10, 3.10d Virginia Standards of Learning Third Grade Study Island for Science - Rosa Parks Elementary
renewable resource
A __________ _____________ is one that can be replenished in our life times.
sun, wind and water
___, ____, and _____ are renewable resources.
Since the supply of water is set and relies on _______ through the water cycle, we have to be careful how much we use at a time.
____________ resources are those that take longer than a human lifetime to replace.
________ fuels are an example of a nonrenewable resource;once they are used up they can't be replaced.
Wood comes from trees. It has many important uses including that of being a ______.
The ___ is the major source of energy for the Earth.
There are different ways we can protect animals, plants, and their __________ (where they live).
hunting, polluting, and littering
We can make and enforce laws against hunting, polluting, and littering; and not allow the construction of roads and buildings in protected areas.
carefully use and preserve
We can conserve materials by being careful how they are used and by not wasting them.
We can carefully oversee and protect habitats to keep them suitable for organisms to ____ there.
Habitat management
________________ ______________ is a conversation practice that protects the habitats of plants and animals, such as setting up parks or areas where no one is allowed to build houses, hunt, or collect plants and animals.
Resource Renewal
____________ _____________ is a conservation practice. An example is protecting endangered plants by saving their seeds, growing the seeds indoors, and later putting the plants in their natural habitats.
Species monitoring
____________ _____________ is a conservation practice where a record of the number of certain species in a particular area is tracked over time, such as counting the number of eagles nesting in an area over time.