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Motivation and Emotion Exam - Study

Eadie Period 1 4/21/12
Research on the causes of homosexuality suggests that
A) Homosexuality develops most readily in families with domineering mothers and weak, ineffectual fathers
B) Homosexuality arises from a fear of members of the opposite sex
C) Male homosexuality results from abnormally high levels of testosterone in the blood
D) Childhood sexual victimizaiton contributes strongly to homosexual development
E) Genetic Influence plays a role in sexual orientation

ANSWER: E (Genetic influence plays a role in sexual orientation)
Research has demonstrated that married people are at less risk for depression, suicide and early death than single people. This finding suggest that
A) Whether we marry or not is influenced by both nature and nurture
B) We are motivated to fulfill our needs for self-transcendence
C) People who feel supportred by closer relationships experience a better quality of life
D) Married people are more likely to experience homeostasis in their relationship
E) Monogamous bonds are instinctual

ANSWER: C ( people who feel supported by close relationships experience a better quality of life)
Participants with golf tees attached above the eyebrows were asked to make the sees touch. In doing so, they created expressions consistent with frowning. Based on facial-feedback research, what are the particpants most likely to experience while viewing scenes of war?
A) Participants would not feel sadness because hte expresion is being feigned
B) Participants would be less sensitive to expressions of sadness in others
C) Participants' expressions would be influenced by cultural display rules
D) Participants would experience an increase in psychological well-ebing
E) Participants would be more likely to feel sad

ANSWER> E (participants would be more likely to feel sad)
Professor Fiekema claims that people are genetically predisposed to live in groups because social attacments enhanced the survival and reproductive success of our human ancestors. The professor's suggstion best illustrates
A) Moeostasis
B) The fraternal birth-order effect
C) The evolutionary Perspective
D) Arousal theory
E) The biopsychosocial Perspective

ANSWER: C (The evolutionary perspective
Professor Lindstrom emphasizes tha teating disorders involve the interactive influence of mood, basal metabolic rates and cultural stnadards of beauty. The professor's emphasis best illustrates
A) Instinct Theory
B) A biopsychosocial Approach
C) Drive-reduciton theory
D) The evolutionary perspective
E) A humanisti approach

ANSWER: B (a biopsychological approach)
Relatively high levels of physiological arousal would most likely interfere with effectively
A) Solving a crossword puzzle
B) Repeating the alphabet
C) Riding a bicycle
D) Washing dishes
E) Enjoying a televised football game

ANSWER: A (solving a crossword puzzle)
Employees who have just been laid off are asked questions that encourage them to express hostility toward their employer. Research suggests that this opportunity to vent anger will
A) Calm their emotions and reduce their anger
B) Lead them to perceive their employer's actions as unavoidable
C) Rechannel theri anger into constructive motivation
D) Increase their bostility
E) Promote more open, honest communication

ANSWER: D (increase their hostility)
Turning in at her street, Dominique saw six fire trucks in front of her apartment building. Her heart beat wildly until someone yelled, "just a false alarm." Her pulse then began to return to normal, due to the action of her _____ nervous system
A) Centralo
B) Somatic
C) Sympathetic
D) Parasympathetic
E) General Adaptation

ANSWER: D (Parasympathetic)
When confronted by an armed robber, your emotional arousal is likely to be accompanied by
A) Decreases in blood sugar levels
B) Showing of digestion
C) Increases in salivation
D) Constriction of pupils to increase visual acuity
E) Decreases in respiration rate

ANSWER: B (slowing of digestion)
By dramatically reducing her daily caloric intake, Marilyn plans to reduce her normal body weight by 10 to 15 percent. Research suggests that after three or four weeks of sustained dieting, Marilyn will
A) Have a lower fat cell count
B) Experience a decrease in her feelings of hunger
C) Have a lower resting emtabolic rate
D) Have a lower set point for body weight
E) Decrease her number ofat cells

ANSWER: C (Have a lower resting metabolic rate
Sixteen-year-old Jill loves ice cream and other rich foods, but she has become icnreasingly anxious about gaining too much weight. Jill frequently overeats and then intentionally vomits in an attempt to control her weight. Jill most clearly suffers from
A) Hypermetabolism
B) Bulimia Nervosa
C) An abnormally high set point
D) Anorexia Nervosa
E) Obesity

ANSWER: B (bulimia nervos)
Bradley was romantically interested in Angel. Based on research by Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer, if Bradley wishes to increase the odds that she will return his interest, he should
A) Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant
B) Play soft music for her on the piano
C) Bring her a dozen red roses
D) Take her rock climbing
E) Buy a pizzle that they can both put together

ANSWER: D (take her rock climbing)
Mr. Porter believes that aggression is an unlearned behavior characteristic of all children. He obviously believes that aggression is a(n)
A) Incentive
B) Homeostatic mechanism
C) Instinct
D) Drive
E) Motivation

ANSWER: C (Instinct)
Which of the following is the best example of set point
A) Ashlena loves to try spicy and exotic foods
B) The smell of freshly baked bread compelled Sydnee to head for the kitchen
C) While on a diet Lillie could thing only about her next meal
D) After losing 25 pounds, Shelby found that he began to put the weight back on
E) Melanie is a natural nurture and loving mother to her 2-year-old twins

ANSWER: D (after losing 25 pounds, Shelby found that he began to put the weight back on)
Which of the following brain areas become especially active when a research perticipant lied about holding a five of clubs
A) Anterior cingulate cortex
B) Hypothalamus
C) Hippocampus
D) Cerebellum
E) Amygdala

ANSWER: A (Anterior cingulate cortex)
Sheila is more fearful of loneliness than of remaining in a physically abusive relationship with her boyfriend. This best illustrates the potentially harmful impact of _____ needs
A) Self-actualization
B) Homeostasis
C) Belongingness
D) Instinct
E) Safety

ANSWER: C (belongingness_
Most young children are fearful of bees, even though they have never been stung by one. This best illustrates that fear
A) Is a maladaptive response
B) Can be learned through observation
C) Is genetically determined
D) results from relative deprivation
E) Is mostly influenced by nature, notnurture

ANSWER: B (can be learned through observation)
Vaseem experienced excessive fear while flying because he interpreted his rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, and heavy perspiration as a reaction to the imminent dange rof a plane crash. When his psychotherapist convinced him that his physical arousal was simply a harmless reaction to acceleration, cabin pressure and confined space, his fear of flying was greatly reduced. The reduction in Vaseem's fear is best understood in terms of the
A) James-Lange theory
B) Two-factor theory
C) Adpatation-level principle
D) Relative deprivation principle
E0 Catharsis Hypothesis

ANSWER: A (James-Lagne theor)
Research participants who glimpsed a face for one-tenth of a second were able to judge someone's trustworthiness. This finding suggests that
A) Some emotional response involve no conscious thinking
B) Different emotions have distinct biological features
C) Physiological arousal precedes emotional experience
D) There is a connection between emotional arousal and the autonomic nervous system
E) Our brains are able to quickly detect distinct emotions

ANSWER: E (our brains are able to quickly detect distinct emotions)
Research has demonstrated that in the presence of an authority figure, Japanese men are more likely than American men to mask negative expressions with a smile. These differences in expressing emotion are best explained by
A) Facial feedback
B) The spillover effect
C) Display rules
D) THe action of the amygdala
E) The feel-good, do-good phenomenon
Tranquilizing drugs that inhibit sympathetic nervous system activity often reducing people's subjective experience of intense anxiety. Which theory of emotion would have the greatest difficulty explaining this effect?
A) James-Lange
B) Cannon-Brard
C) Two-factor
D) Schachter-Singer
E) Adaptation-level

ANSWER: C (Cannon-Bard)
Ever since Lupe was scolded and punished by her teacher for misbehaving, she has been fearful of being near the teacher. This illustrates that fear
A) is usually maladaptive
B) is gender specific
C) can be learned
D) Is genetically predisposed
E) Has a high valence

ANSWER: C (can be learned)
Researchers have found that people experience cartoons as more amusing while holding a pen with their teeth than while holding it with their lips. This finding best serves to support the
A) Relative deprivation principle
B) Cannon-Bard Theory
C) Adaptation-level principle
D) James-Lange theory
E) Catharsis hypothesis

ANSWER: D (James-Lange theory)
Increased activity in teh right prefrontal cortex is to _____ as increased activity in the left frontal lobe is to _____.
A) Anger; fear
B) Disgust; joy
C) Love; hate
D) Elation; Depression
E) sadness; excitement

ANSWER: B (disgust;joy)
Professor Sanford explains that the need for physical safety must be met before city dwellers will be motivated to form close friendships with fellow citizens. Professor Sanford is providing an example of
A) Set points
B) Heirarchy of motives
C) Homeostasis
D) erotic plasticity
E) Instincts

ANSWER: B (a heirarchy of needs)
Researchers have found that certain factors are related to happiness. One of these is that happy people tend to
A) be well educated
B) have many children
C) have a satisfying marriage or close friendship
D) be over 50 years old
E) be physically attractive

ANSWER: C (have a satisfying marriage or close friendship_
Noticing that his heart was pounding and that his palms were sweaty while he was taking a difficult test, Harley concluded that he was "anxious." Noticing that his heart was pounding and that his palms were sweaty when an attractive lady asked him to dance, Harly concluded that he was "falling in love." The differing emotions experienced by Harley can best be explained by the
A) relative deprivation principle
B) James-Lange theory
C) two-factor theory
D) catharsis hypothesis
E) Adaptaiton-level principle

ANSWER: C (two-factor theor)
The smell of chocolate chip cookies draws you into the kitchen to eat some. Which theory best explains your motivation?
A) instinct
B) Drive-reduciton
C) incentive
D) Optimum arousal
E) Heirarchy of needs

ANSWER: C (incentive)
Observers watching fearful faces show more brain activity in the _____ than do those watching angry faces.
A) cerebellum
B) Thalamus
C) amygdala
D) Hippocampus
E) medulla

ANSWER: C (amygdala)