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Exam 7

Level of Awareness

Person Place Time and Situation

Levels of Consciousness

Awake and Alert
Comatose (Glasgow)


a lowered level of consciousness marked by listlessness, drowsiness, and apathy.


A state of impaired consciousness characterized by a marked diminution in the capacity to react to environmental stimuli.


in a state of deep and usually prolonged unconsciousness.

Glasgow Coma Scale

Assessment tool used to determine consciousness in clients. The Score of 15 reveals a fully oriented person. Like to see better than 12, lowest score is 3. Consists of eye movement, motor and verbal response.



Abstract Reasoning

Use proverb. A literal explanation or repeats the phrase means intellectual ability is impaired.


Expressive and receptive aphasia

Expressive Aphasia

Cannot speak or write

Receptive Aphasia

Cannot understand written or spoken words

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