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  1. Mesmerize
  2. Accentuate
  3. espouse
  4. pretense
  5. wrath
  1. a the act of giving a false appearance
  2. b violent anger/ rage
  3. c to give emphasis to (pronounce with accent)
  4. d to hypnotize, spellbind, or fascinate; to compel by fascination
  5. e to take a position and state this position publicaly

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  1. the evaluation or estimation of ability of someone or something
  2. possessing a personal charm that inspires loyalty and enthusiasm in others
  3. lasting a long time; everlasting
  4. readiness and grace in physical activity, especially with your hands
  5. the art of being in agreement with rules

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  1. ecstaticto be quick to understand matters of inteligence


  2. Enhanceincrease


  3. Incessantgoing on without stopping or in a way that seems endless


  4. Astutuevery enthusiastic about something


  5. Adamantrefusing to be pursuaded or change ones side