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conj 임에도 불구하고
although, not withstanding that
"The student passed the class albeit by a very small margin."


adj 애매모호한
open to various interpretation
"A person who speaks ambiguously will be difficult to understand."


n 제약
bind and confine
"We had a limited budget because of the money constraint."


v 가정하다
"to assume; to believe without strong evidence "
"Where's Gary? I presume he's at work, but I don't really know for sure."


v 밝히다
"to show something previously hidden (syn. disclose, unveil) "
"Letters recently uncovered have revealed new details on the life of the former president."


n 불분명, 불명료
lack of fame or recognition
"Even famous people become subject to obscurity when time rages on."


v 훼방놓다, 방해하다
prevent from accomplishing a purpose
"The enemy tried their best to thwart the hero's advancement to victory."


n 발판, 뼈대
a temporary supporting platform
"The painters stood on a scaffold as they painted the building."


adj 만연하는
of wide use or occurrence
"Love is more prevalent in the spring for some reason. "


v 친하게 하다
interchange thoughts and feelings
"The husband and wife communed before the altar when they got married."


n 죄, 죄악, 과실
transgression of divine law
"The evil sin of one man affected everyone around him."


n 가난, 빈곤, 결핍
"the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support"
Poverty is prevalent in low-income areas.


n 유죄
"a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense" "She felt an incredible sense of guilt for telling the lie to her mother."


n 복수하다
to take vengeance for
"After the murder of his son, the father sought revenge."


n 출발
The act of leaving
The departure time for the airplane is 5:15.


n 간통, 부정
"voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person"
"The man committed adultery with a woman he met at work."


adj "수치스러운, 불명예스러운"
having an extremely bad reputation
Serial killers are infamous for their crimes.


n 피난, 도피
shelter or protection from danger
"During the tornado, the locals sought refuge from the weather."


n "남녀 동권주의자, 여성옹호론자"
"A person whose beliefs and behavior are
based on feminism"
"Feminists usually believe in stronger independence for the female gender."


adj 신비한, 불가사의
of obscure nature, meaning
The mysterious man walked quietly in the shadows.

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