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State the function and responsibilites of material control?

-Establish delivery/pickup points for material control
-Establish procedures to ensure proper operation of tool room and inventories
-Maintain accountability of material and equipment on custody
-Ensure survey's are prepared in the event of loss, damage or destruction of accountable material
-Maintain inventory control of IMRL items

What can be bought with Flight operations Fund (OFC-01)?

-Consumable office supplies
-Flight deck/safety shoes
-LOX/Oxygen used during flight by aircrew
-Nitrogen used in aircraft and weapons systems
-Plaques for CO,XO offices only
-SPecial identification clothing: Helmets, Flight deck jersey

Aviation Fleet maintenance Fund (AFM)?

-authorized aircraft decals
-IMRL repair cost
-Ruel used in SE (shipboard only)
-Oils, lubes and fuel additives used during flight OPS
-Replacement of componnents used on test bench

NALCOMIS operated material control shall?

-Receive requirements from work centers/support areas
-Use appropriate automated procedures to provide data to ASD
-Enter date and time ordered in register of exact time subitted to ASD
Approve/disapprove indirect material requirements from work centers

Receipt and delivery of parts and material?

-Receivie the material and a DD1348 from ASD/MDU
-Sign 1348 copy as receipt
-Enter date and time deliveried on 1348
-Determine if the component is ASR, EHR or SRC card trackable
-Distribute to appropriate work center
-Obtain signature of work center receiving material
-Turn in defective repairable (CRIPL components within 24 hours of receipt)

Turn-in of defective components

-Repairables will be removed from aircraft and made available for turn in when replacement is requested unless a RIP.
-All defective repairable component shall be wrapped using a cushioning material.


Military Standard Requistioning and Issue Procedures


Individual Component Repair List


Consolidated Remain-In-Place list


Not Mission Capable supply


Partial Mission Capable Supply


National Stock number (13 Digit Stock number)
-4 digit FSC & NIIN


Aviation Depot Level Repair


Awaiting parts
-When materials required to complete a maintenance action are not avaliable.


Individual Material Readiness List


Aircraft Inventory Record


Expeditious Repair

What is a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss?

DD form 200 (Survey)

What is flight packet used for?

-Statement of Witness
-VIDS/MAF 4790/60
-Instructions for procuring services and supplies

SM&R codes?

(Source, Maintenance and Recoverability codes)
Used to communicate maintenance and supply instructions to various logistic support levels.

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