Honors Physics Chapter 10 Circular Motion Review


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how does rotation differ from revolution
rotation is the turning on an internal axis while revolution is turning on an external axis.
what is the direction of Earth's inertia as it travels around the Sun
what is the direction of the gravitational forces between Earth and the Sun
provide a natural example of rotation
Earth Day (24hours)
provide a man-made example of rotation
throwing a football (the spiral)
provide a natural example of revolution
Earth Year (365.25days)
provide a man-made example of revolution
what is pie nine places past decimal
what is a radian
a radian is an angle measure equal to a radius around a circle
how many degrees are in a circle
how many radians are in a circle
how many degrees are in a radian
what is the greek letter used to represent degrees or radians
what is the greek letter used to represent angular velocity
what equations can be us to caluclate angular velocity
omega= theta/seconds or rad/seconds
.105 rad/s
what are all motion calculations relative to
the Earth
what is an accelerometer
a device that measures acceleration
T or F
we only see one side of the moon
time taken for Moon to orbit Earth (29.5days)
what day are we closest to the sun
January 3
what day are we furthest from the sun
July 3
how would relative simulated gravity of a rotating space station change if
a)it had twice the radius
b)it had twice the angular velocity
C)it had twice the radius and twice the angular velocity
compare and contrast centripetal force and centrifugal effect and supply examples of each
centrifugal effect is a center fleeing tendency of an object to fly away from center, centripetal is the opposite. It is a center seeking force. example of centrifugal effect is in a car when tangential inertia and a centripetal force are acting upon an object it creates the centrifugal effect in which if you turn left the passenger will scoot towards the door. An example of centripetal force is when you spin a can on a string that enforces it to stay in circular motion.
why are radians used in circular motion calculations
because 6.28 radians = 360 degrees = number of degrees in a circle.
which has the greater linear velocity, a horse near the outside of a carousel or one near the inside
the outside horse
which has a great angular velocity, a horse near the outside of a carousel or the one near the inside
the have the same
which of the following is a unit of angular velocity
a) degrees/second
b) rad/second
c) rpm
d) all of these
e) none of these
all of these
what is the direction of a centripetal force
what is the direction of a can's inertia that is whirled in a circle by a string
what is the direction of a centrifugal effect
what type(s) of circular motion does a carousel horse 2m from the axis experience
rotation and revolution
what type of circular motion does a person stand on Earth's north pole experience
how are the wheels of a railroad car designed in order for them to turn at different speeds
> diameter in
what is true about our Moon's circular motion
a) rotation>revolution
b) rotation<revolution
c) rotation=revolution
what proportionality exists between angular velocity x radius and linear velocity
which end of a tapered cup rolls faster when it completes a circle
the wide rim
which record has the greatest angular velocity
a) 16rpm
b) 33.3 rpm
c) 45rpm
d) 78rpm
earth rotates and revolves through space. earth rotates about the ______, which is an _______ axis. Earth revolves about the ______, which is an ________ axis.
north/south pole, internal, Sun, external
which type of circular motion for the earth is known as a revolution
which of these statements is true
a) 360degrees=6.28radians
b) 1rpm=.105rad/s
c) 1radian=57.3degrees
d) all of these
d)all of these
what causes the centrifugal effect
centripetal force and tangential inertia
what supplies the centripetal force when a car turns in a circle
road pushes tire
which carousel horse has greater centripetal force
a) outside
b) inside
c) outside=inside
a) outside
what techniques for measuring r and theta would you recommend for best results
I used the tangent equation and derived for theta. I used the theta that I found and plugged it into the sin equation to find the opposite side, then I used the theory of similar triangles and lasers to find the radius.
for circular motion the tension will always be _______ the weight
greater than
what do you conclude about the direction of the net force that keeps the flying pig in uniform circular motion
The direction of the net force is in a radial direction towards the center/centripetal
for uniform circular motion the centripetal force will always be _______ the tension in the string
less than
how did the pig overcome air friction
the pig overcomes air friction by flapping its wings. this creates a centripetal force on the pig which in turn counters friction
list sources of error for pig lab
-timing not precise
-didn't find the exact point at which the hypotenuse reaches the other leg of the triangle with the laser
a device that measures acceleration
the distance across a circle
one earth rotation equal to 24 hours or 86,400 seconds
long play record with 33.3rpm
acronym for revolutions per minute (equal to .105 rad/s)
half of a diameter
the coefficient resulting from the circumference of a circle being divided by its diameter
a merry-go-round
the direction of a planet's momentum while in orbit
360 degrees of 6.28 radians
a straight line around which circular motion takes place
one earth revolution equal to 365.25 days
spinning with axis outside of a system
a true center seeking force
spinning with axis inside a system
the direction of gravitational pull of sun on the earth
the type of velocity found by dividing theta by seconds
angle measure equal to length of radius around the circumference of a circle (57.3 degrees)
an apparent center fleeing effect
what type of circular motion does rpm apply to
both rotation and revolution
equation for theoretical speed of the pig
equation for computing the speed of the pig
percent difference equation
(o-e)/e (100)
equation used to calculate the omega and linear velocity of earth's rotation