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An old religion that traces roots to other religions such as Vedic beliefs and Brahmanism. (It developed in India over a long period of time)


A belief found in Hinduism that a person has to live an honorable life.


A collection of sacred writings for Hindus


an ancient Indian language


Ancient ritual traditions where Brahmins played a big role. It helped lead to Hinduism.


A group or class in Hindu society


a belief that the good and evil done in a past life determines the nature of the person's next life.


a belief that a person's soul is reborn after death.


a journey to a holey place


priest and religious scholars.


rulers and warriors.


herders and merchants.


servants farmers laborers. .


a never ending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.


People that had to do activities considered lowly or dirty


A word that means enlightened in Sanskrit. Buddha is the name given to the man who started Buddhism (Siddhartha) .


Someone who gives up their possessions. (Self-denial )


The goal of Buddhists which is gaining spiritual insight and finding truth.


Money or supplies given to the poor.


A state of happiness and peace


The religion that teaches that life brings suffering and that the only way you can escape it is seeking nirvana through enlightenment .

Four noble truths

The four basic principals of Buddhism.

Eightfold Path

A key idea of Buddhism where people that follow this religion should live their lives according to these eight teachings.

Right Understanding

Develop a deep understanding of the four noble truths.

Right Purpose

Live a life of selflessness, love, and nonviolence.

Right Speech

Be careful and honest in what you say, don't lie or gossip.

Right Action

Don't steal, kill, or lie, be honest.

Right way to earn a living

Do not work at a job that causes harm to people or living creatures.

Right Effort

Promote good actions and prevent evil actions.

Right Mindfulness

Be aware of but not attached to your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Right Concentration

Focus your mind with such practices as mediation.

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