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  1. genre
  2. imagery
  3. connotation
  4. didactic
  5. denotation
  1. a major category into which a work fits
  2. b words that aim to teach moral or ethical principles
  3. c literal dictionary definition
  4. d non-literal meaning of a word
  5. e sensory details or figurative language used to describe, arouse emotion, or represent abstractions

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  1. an exaggeration or distortion of a feature in order to emphasize it and create comic effect
  2. the emotional nod of a work, tone/mood
  3. a less offensive substitute for an unpleasant word or concept
  4. an especially sophisticated extended metaphor
  5. any serious talk, speech, or lecture that involves moral/spiritual advice

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  1. antithesissomething that is referred to by a pronoun


  2. figurative languageimaginative writing or speech that isn't usually supposed to carry literal meaning


  3. clausesomething with a subject and a verb


  4. figure of speecha device used to produce figurative language


  5. aphorisma phrase that expresses a general truth