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A and p final chapter 10

the brain and spinal cord develope from the ------neural tube
the brain vesicle gives rise to the midbrain and cerbral aqueduct
which of the following is not a major region of the brain
cauda equina
which of the following brain structures consists of the thalamus hypothalamus and epithalamus
which ofthe following meninges has two layers
cranhial dura mater
this extension of the dura mater separates the two hemishperes of the cerebrum
falx cerebri
the adult brain represents only what percent of the total body weight
which of the following describes a function of cerebrospinal fluid 1. mechanical protection 2. ph homeostasis 3. circulation
all of the above
cerebrospinal fluid carries small amounts of chemicals like glucose from the --------- to neurons and neuroglia
this protects the brain by preventing the movement of harmful substances and pathogens from the blood int the brain tissue
blood brain barrier
this is a narrow fluid filled cavity foudn along the midline superior to the hypothalamus and between the right and left halves of the thalamus
third ventricle
cerebrospinal fluid is reabsorbed through these fingerlike projections found in the dural venous sinuses
arachnoid villi
this is a netlike region of white and gray matter that extend throughout the brainstem and functions to help maintain consciousness
reticular formation
this structure in the brain contains centers responsible for the the startle reflex in response to loud sounds
inferior colliculus
Pyraminds are
white matter protrusions found on the medulla oblongata
medullary nuclei are 1. masses of gray matter in the medulla oblongata 2 masses of white matter in the medulla oblongata 3decussations of the pyramids
1 only
This region of teh brain contains pneumotaxic and apneustic areas that help control respirtaion
The medial lemnisus is a band of white matter that extnds through 1. the medulla oblongata 2. pons 3. midbrain
This portion of the cerebellum contributes to equilbrium and balance
flocculonodular lobe
This region of the brain servbes as the maor relay station for most sensory impulses that reach the primary sensory areas of the cerebral cortex form the spinal cord and brain stem
Which of teh following regions of the brain contain the pineal gland
during brain deveelopment the gyri of the cerebrum are formed because
the gray matter grows faster than the underlying white matter
this portion of the limbic system lies between the hippocampus and the parahippocampus gyrus
dentate gyrus
Which of teh following functional areas of the cerebrum is responsible for conscious movements of the body
primary motor area
Which of the following functional areas of the cerebrum is responsible for speech
brocas area
which of the following cranial nerves carries sensory information coming from the nasal cavity to the olfactory area of the cerebrum
cranial nerve 1
Cranial nerve V is also know as teh -----nerve
Which of the following cranial nerves is primarily responsible for changing facial expressions
hand prefernece when writing or throwing is an example of
hemispheric lateralization
This type of bnrain wave occurs at regular intervals when a person is awake bu not when a person is sleeping
beta waves
Brain waves that appear in adults and children during periods of emotional stress are called
theta waves
Brain waves that generally appear during periods of senosry inmput and mental activity are called
beta waves
Brain waves that appear during sleep are
delta waves
Blood flows to the brain through the
internal carotid and vertebral internal jugular
Which of the following statements best describes the structure of the blood brain barrier that provides its functional characteristics
tight junctions tightly seal endothelial cells of capillaries in the brain
A deep indentation found along the medial plane that separates the right and left cerebral hemispheres is called the
longitudinal fissure
These three areas of gray matter found in each erbral hemisphere are important in helping to control the initiation and termination of skeletal muscle movements
basal nuclei
Which of the foolwing terms is used to dsignante an effector that is innerbvated by both the parasympathetic and sympathetiv divisions of the ANS
dual innervation
The largest autonomic plexus is called the
celiac plexus
This autonomic plexus is located anterior to the fifth lumbar vertebra and serves the pelvic viscera
hypogastric plexus
these ganglia contain the cell bodies of the parasympathetiv postganglionc nerurons that serve the parotid salivary gland
otic ganglia
The two main neurotransmitters of the autonomic nervous system are
norepinephrine and acetylcholine
which of the following are types of cholinergic receptors
nicotinic and muscarinic receptors
which disorder is characterized by an exaggerated response of the sympathetic division of the ANS that occurs in most individuals with spinal cord injury6 at or above T6
autonomic dysreflexia
which disorder is characterized by the digits becoming ischemic after exposure to cold or emotional stress
Raynauds phenomenon
Which disorder is characterized by spontaneious pain painful hypersensitivity to light touch and excessice coldness adn sweating in the affected area
reflex sympatheic dystrophy
Which disorder involves the loss of sypathetic innervation to one side of the face due to ingeerited mutation injury or disease
horners syndrome
which division of ANS innervates the sweat glands and the hair follicles
Which endocrine gland is directly innervated by sympathetic preganglionic axons
adrenal gland
Which of the following types of adrenrgic receptors are only found in brown adipose tissue where their activation stimulates heat productino
which of the following statements describes a common response of an autonomic effector during the fight or flight response
the pupils of the eyes dilate
which of the folliwng lists the components of an autonomic reflex arc in the proper sequence of activation
receptor sensory neuron integrating center motr neuron effector
Which of the following regionsof the brain serve as the major control and integration center of the ANS