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Air offers _________ to the motion of objects through it


An object is pulled to Earth by ________, an attraction between the mass of Earth and the mass of an object.


Objects with a large mass are pulled on by gravity with more force, but they also have more ________.


The force of hravity on any object is called it's ________


An object's weight in newtons canbe found by multiplying its mass in kg by ___.


The _______ of any object falling to the ground increases by 9.8 meters per second per second each second.


Newton decided that as mass ________, the force of gravity also increases.


Newton's law of univeral __________ states that the force of gravity between two objects increases with the mass os the objects and decreases with the distance between them squared.


In cycling, the weight of the rider and bicycle presses the tires against the ground causing friction, which gives the tires ________ and drives the rider forwad.


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