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(A) peritoneum, areolar connective, simple squamous mesothelium
(B) visceral peritoneum, parietal peritoneum.

(A) The ___ is the largest serous membrane in the body and consists of an outer layer of ___ tissue and inner layer of ___ cells. in the middle is serous fluid.
(B) The surface that covers some of the organs is called the ___. The layer that lines the wall of the abdominopelvic cavity is called the __


___ is a condition where the peritoneal cavity becomes filled with excess fluid.


the kidneys, ascending and descending colons, duodenum, and pancreas are INSIDE/OUTSIDE the peritoneum

kidneys, asecending and descending colons, duodenum, and pancreas

___ are retroperitoneal

greater & lesser omentum (s), falciform ligament, mesentery and mesocolon

the 5 major folds in the peritoneum are: ___

fold in the peritoneum

the falciform ligament is ___ what?

fold in the peritoneum

the mesocolon is ___ what?

greater omentum

the ___ is the largest peritoneal fold and drapes over the transverse colon and the small intestine.

4, (double layer membrane that folds back on itself)

the greater omentum has ___ layers.

transverse colon and coils of the small intestine

the greater omentum covers the following organs: ___.

greater omentum

the ___ fold in the serous membrane that covers the abdominopelvic organs contains a considerable amount of fat.

serous fluid, nerves, lymph & blood vessels and lymph nodes

the peritoneum contains: ___

many, macrophages and antibody-producing plasma

there are A FEW?/ MANY? lymph nodes in the greater omentum that contain ___ cells

(1) liver, anterior abdominal wall
(2) stomach and duodenum, (away from) liver

(1) the falciform ligament divides the ___organ and attaches it to the ___ to the ___.
(2) the lesser omentum suspends the ___ and ___ (organs) away from the ___ organ


the falciform ligament divides ___ [organ(s)]

(1) above, stomach and duodenm,
(2) lesser

(1) the lesser omentum is ABOVE?/ BELOW? the greater omentum and contains the ___ (organs),
(2) the ___ omentum keeps these organs apart from the liver

lesser omentum

the ___ contains the following vessels: hepatic portal vein, common hepatic artery, common bile duct and some lymph nodes

hepatic portal vein, common hepatic artery, common bile duct and some lymph nodes

the lesser omentum contains the following vessels: ___


the ___ is the fan-shaped fold in the peritoneum

ileum and jejunum, posterior

the mesentery binds the ___ to the ANTERIOR?/ POSTERIOR? wall


The double fold created by the ___ (peritoneal fold) contains blood, lymphatic vessels and some lymph nodes.


___ is acute inflammation of the peritoneum

mesocolon, posterior

the ___ (fold) binds the transverse and sigmoid colons ANTERIOR?/ POSTERIOR? wall


the ___ (fold) is actually two separate folds containing parts of the large intestine

mesentery, greater omentum

the ___ peritoneal fold contributes extensively to the large abdomen in OBESE individuals.
The ___ fold gives a BEER BELLY appearance in some overweight people.


the ___ (fold) carries blood and lymph to the intestines.

mesocolon and mesentery

the two folds in the peritoneum that hold the intestines loosely in place are the ___ folds.

greater omentum, mesocolon

the ___ fold of the peritoneum covers the transverse colon. The ___ fold wraps around the transverse colon

greater omentum, mesentery

the ___ fold of the peritoneum covers the small intestine colon. The ___ fold wraps around the small intestine

mesentery, liver, lesser omentum

the falciform ligament is actually a fold in the ___ fold of the peritoneum that divides the ___ organ into two lobes. The liver is surrounded by the ___


the ___ is the ONLY organ attached to the ANTEROR wall of the abdomen

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