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Sonography - Historical Men


Greek mathematician who observed the relationship between sound pitch and frequency. He discovered the sonometer.

Christian Johann Doppler

Austrian scientist who studied the effect of motion on the pitch of sound. Called the Doppler effect.

Curie Brothers

discovered piezoelectricity.

John Wild

Helped develop the metal flaw detectors and naval sonar.

Ian Donald

Credited with perfecting the A-mode measurement of the fetal biparietial diameter making it possible to ultrasonically estimate fetal age, weight, and growth rate. Known as the "father of obstetrical ultrasound".

Archytas of Tarentum

400 BC. Greek scholar, defined nature of sound. Sound is produced by the motion of one object striking another ... fast motion = high pitch ... slow motion = low pitch


350 BC. Greek Philosopher and Scientist. Therory of Sound Propagation. Sound is carriewd to the ears by the movement of air.


Roman Philosopher. First to compare sound wavws to the waves produced by dropping a pebble into a cal body of water. This theory is still used today.

Leonardo Da Vinci

1500 AD. (Post renaissance period). Study of the physical properties of sound. Originated the idea that sound travels in waves. Credited with discovery that angle of reflection = angle of incidence.


1638. Frequency of sound waves determines pitch.

Sir Isaac Neewton

Late 1600's. Derivation of the theory of velocity.

Robert Boyle

Late 1600's. English Chemist. Popularized the theory of elasticity of air.

Lord Rayleigh

1877. British scientist. THEORY OF SOUND published - marked the beginning of the modern study of acoustics.

Lazzaro Spallanzani

1793. Italian Priest / Scientist. Studied activities of bats. Observation: bats could function if blinded in the dark, but not if deafened.... Theorized: bats were listening to something he could not hear - what it was he didn't know.

G.W. Pierce

1938. Inveneted a sonic detector - pick up high frequency vibrations of bats and to convert them into audible sounds.

Karl Dussik

1942. Austrian became the first physician to use ultrasound for diagnostic purposes ... used to detect brain tumors.

George Ludwig

1947-1949. First used ultrasound to detect gallstones at MIT. A-Mode.

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