Middle School Statistics Vocabulary

10 word set of stats vocabulary appropriate for grade 6 to 8

Terms in this set (...)

* section of a whole group;
* to get data from a part of a group and use it to give information about the whole group
the collection, organization, presentation, interpretation and analysis of data
box-and-whiskers plot
* a diagram or graph using a number line to show the distribution of a set of data;
* displays the median, the upper and lower quartiles and the maximum and minimum values of the data
stem-and-leaf plot
a data display that shows groups of data arranged by place value
*average of a number of different amounts;
*1.) Add up all the amounts; 2.) Divide your total by how many amounts there were.
*the middle value of an ordered set of numbers;
*1.) place numbers in numerical order; 2.) cross off numbers from the outside until you reach the middle value; 3.) if there are two numbers in the middle, add them and divide by 2.
in a set of scores, this is the value that occurs the most often
the difference (subtract) from the highest and lowest values in a set of data; high value - low value = this ?
a value far away from the rest of the data
scatter plot
a graphical diagram with points plotted to show the relationship between two variables