Computer Vocabulary Final


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Search Engines
Programs that help you locate information, data and web sites on the Internet by doing keyword searches.
a collection of data or information.
Quotation Marks Operator
Boolean Operator for Phrase or two or more words
Synonym Search Operator
the tilde ~Symbol Operator Finds Words with Similar Meaning, note no space between symbol and word.
Site Operator
Domain Searches like .gov domains
a "bundle of rights" that the creator of a work is entitled to control their work "an original work of authorship like in writing, on videotape, in a sound recording, in a computer program or on a computer screen.
Public Domain
Free to the public
is taking someone else's work, words, graphics, or sounds and presenting it as your own. It is considered cheating and stealing. Copying and pasting sentences and paragraphs from the Internet as your own words is plagiarism.
Network Drive
H: Drive
Computers connect to each other to share data.
Internet and etiquette Online Computer manners appropriate use
Acceptable Use Policy
Agreement of conditions and rules regarding use of technology devices, computers and online Internet resources.
Upload or Downloading Digital
transferring files, pictures, games etc. from one computer to another.
is a large computer that provides data to other computers on a network. It provides a service to other computers on a network.
Secure web address
Uniform Resource Locator - Web Address
Is another word for Information. Data (Information) can be text and/or numbers, examples of data: names, dates, places, addresses, phone numbers and pictures.
Boolean Operators
Improve your search and increase accuracy of finds by helping you match your search more closely with less hits to view making you a faster worker or searcher.
.gov .com .org
Domains identify the type of web site organization.