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Wet Willies House Mixes

Alcohol Mixes
Triple Play
Call A Cab, Attitude Improvement, & Sex on the Beach
Four Play
Triple Play topped with White Russian
Pink Flamingo
Strawberry with Pina Colada
Banana Berry
Monkey Shine & Strawberry
Attitude Improvement & Pina Colada
Banana Colada
Monkey Shine & Pina Colada
Sexy Attitude
Sex on the Beach & Attitude Improvement
Purple Haze
Sex on the Beach & Shock Treatment
Rum Runner
Monkey Shine & Sex on the Beach
Easter Egg
Shock Treatment, Sex on the Beach, & Attitude Improvement
King Kong
Attitude Improvement & Monkey Shine
Mud Slide
White Russian & Chocolate Thunder
Banana Split
Strawberry, Monkey Shine, & White Russian
Tootsie Pop
Grape Escape & Chocolate Thunder Center
Naked Willie
Goes with anything : Naked Call a Cab, Naked Sex on the Beach, Naked Mama...etc