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Barron's SAT Book

amenities (n)

convenient features; courtesies

amiable (adj)

agreeable; lovable

amiss (adj)

wrong; faulty

amity (n)


amnseia (n)

loss of memory

amnesty (n)


amoral (adj)


amorous (adj)

moved by sexual love; loving

amorphous (adj)

formless; lacking shape or definition

amphibian (adj)

being able to live on both land and water

amphitheater (n)

oval building with tiers of seats

ample (adj)


amplify (v)

broaden or clarify by expanding

amputate (v)

cut off part of body; prune

anachronistic (ajd)

having an error involving time in a story (Julius Caesar)

analogous (adj)


analogy (n)

similarity; parallelism

anarchist (n)

person who seeks to overturn the established government; advocate the abolishing authority

anathema (n)

solemn curse; someone or something regard as a curse

ancestry (n)

family descent

anchor (v)

secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place

anecdote (n)

short account of an assuming or interesting event

anemia (n)

condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles

anesthetic (n)

substance that removes sensation with or without loss of consciousness

anguish (n)

acute pain; extreme suffering

angular (adj)

sharp-cornered; stiff in manner

animated (adj)

lively; spirited

animosity (n)

active enmity (feeling of dislike)

animus (n)

hostile feeling or intent

annals (n)

records; history

annex (v)

attach; take possession of

annihilate (v)


annotate (v)

comment; make explanatory notes

annul (v)

make void

anoint (v)

consecrate; to devote or honor something

anomalous (adj)

abnormal; irregular

anomaly (n)


anonymity (n)

state of being nameless

anonymous (adj)

having no name

antagonism (n)

hostility; active resistance

antecede (v)


antecedents (n)

preceding events or circumstances that influence what comes later; ancestors or early background

antediluvian (adj)

antiquated; extremely ancient

anthem (n)

song of praise or patriotism

anthology (n)

book of literary selections by various authors

anthropocentric (adj)

regarding human beings as the center of the universe

anthropoid (adj)


anthropologist (n)

a student of history and science of mankind

anticlimax (n)

letdown in thought or emotion...descent in power, feeling, or strong thoughts

antidote (n)

medicine to counteract a poison or disease

antipathy (n)

aversion; dislike

antiquated (adj)

old-fashioned; obsolete

antiseptic (n)

substance that prevents infection

antithesis (n)

contrast; direct opposite of or to

apathy (n)

lack of caring; indifference

ape (v)

imitate or mimic

apex (n)

tip; summit; climax

aphorism (n)

pithy maxim (in a few words describing a general truth)

aplomb (n)

poise; assurance; maintained self-confident

apocalyptic (adj)

prophetic; pertaining to revelations

apocryphal (adj)

untrue; made up

apolitical (adj)

having an aversion or lack of concern political affairs

apologist (n)

one who writes in defense of a cause or institution

apostate (n)

one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs

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