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an opportunity for a company or individual to show an explain a product, service, or organization.
- Must be designed to stand alone since sometimes they are the only information a consumer uses when making a decision.
-an informational piece that can be mailed, handed out, put on display or left on counters to be picked up.

Saddle Stitch Binding

staples are inserted into the spine of the folded signatures. number of pages must be divisible by 4

Spiral (or Coil) Binding

Used when the pages of the brochure need to lie flat when opened

Tape Binding

involves applying hot glue to a group of pages and then concealing the glue with a strip of tape

Perfect Binding

Also uses hot glue but gives the look of a paperback book at the spine. the cover is usually made of a sturdier stock paper and it is glued around the pages

Printing Quote

Should Include job description, materials to be furnished, quantity, page count, paper stock, ink specifications, finishing, deliver & shipping and special effects


arranging the pages on one large sheet so that when printed, folded, and cut they read consecutively. printing this way is the most efficient use of paper and time. done by the printer using special software


when the sheet comes off the press with printing on the front and back and is folded to the actual page size.
-they are gathered or stacked together and bound to create a publication
-must be designed in multiples of 4


refers to the alignment of the color plates in a 4C print job. if this is not accurate, there will be blurring at the edges of images that are made of more than 1 color.


creating raised areas in paper by applying pressure

Foil Stamping

the application of a metallic foil to paper. a design is often embossed into the foil


shapes cut into paper using a special form called a die.
-used for labels, pop up books and other print jobs requiring special shapes

spot varnish

added to a specific area of a printed piece. can be glossy, matte, or satin

Smooth finish

will take ink well and reproduce images with more dtail

Rough finish

scatters more light and makes images look more muted

coated paper

smooth finish and not very porous. the ink sort of sits on top of the paper and doesn't soak up much of the ink.
-photos look crisper
-come in a range of glossiness

Uncoated paper

more porous and soak up more ink.
less expensive


the level of light that can be seen through the paper.
A high level is needed for two-sided printing jobs


indication of the thickness of a paper

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