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APGov156 - Unit 2 - Political Beliefs and Behaviors

Flashcard Set for Unit 2 - Political Beliefs (Wilson Ch. 4-7-8) The chapter number is after each term in case you need some context.
Political Culture(4)
A distinctive and patterned way of thinking about how political life ought to be carried out
The condition of being relatively free of government restraints
Internal Efficacy(4)
The belief that you understand what is happening in government
External Efficacy(4)
The belief you can make an impact in government affairs
Blue States(4)
States that tend to vote majority Democrat (California, New York)
Red States(4)
States that tend to vote majority Republican (Oklahoma, Idaho, Wyoming)
Political Ideology(7)
A relatively consistent set of views of the policies government ought to pursue
Party Identification(7)
When a political party is part of your political identity
Exit Polling(7)
Interviews on election day in a representative sample of districts to gauge vote proportion
Sampling Error(7)
The quantitative difference between two different administrations of the same survey
Random Sample(7)
Sample selected in a way that any person has an equal chance of being selected
Standard of right or proper conduct that helps determine the socially appropriate range of conduct
Gender Gap(7)
Widening divide between political views of men and women.
Political Socialization(7)
Process of when someone's personal traits, influences, and experiences help to create their politica views
Voter Apathy(8)
Lack of interest among citizens in voting
Registered Voters(8)
Citizens who have filled out proper forms and are qualified to vote in elections
Literacy Tests(8)
Requirement used to disenfranchise blacks in the South that required blacks to read difficult passages in order to vote
Poll Tax(8)
Proof of tax payment in order to vote
Grandfather Test(8)
Disenfranchising requirement that said your grandfather had to be able to vote in order for you to vote
Support efforts to make voting easier (No voter ID, etc.) believing that a high turnout will help them
15th Amd.(8)
Amendment that made it illegal to exclude potential voters on the basis of race
19th Amd.(8)
Extended suffrage to women
26th Amd.(8)
Extended suffrage to 18 year-old voters
Australian Ballot(8)
Document that is gov printed and cast in secret
Those who avoid all forms of citizen political participation
Voting Specialists(8)
Those citizens who restrict their political activity to voting only
Voting Eligible Population(8)
An estimate of the voting population that excludes prisoners, felons, and aliens
Voting Age Population(8)
Census-based estimate of all people who are of legal age to vote
Those who vote and get involved in campaigns and elections
Motor Voter(8)
General term based on 1993 law that allows voter registration at the DMV and other state offices. Attempted to raise voter registration rates