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Tybalt was appalled when he found out that a Montague was at a Capulet's party.


The dispute between their two families put a constraint on Romeo and Juliet's love.


Juliet's family tried to dissuade Juliet from marrying Romeo.


Juliet's maid faltered in thought of Juliet marrying Romeo.


Lord Capulet looked so frail that it looked like he would break his hip if he fell.


Hypothetically speaking, a Montague should never fall in love with a Capulet.


Tybalt was irate when he found out that a Montague was at a Capulet's party.


There was no land that stretched out from the mainland and surrounded by water in Romeo and Juliet.


The night was placid until Romeo jumped the fence into the Capulet's house.


Tybalt was prejudice against Romeo because he thought Romeo was bad just because he was a Montague.


The party where Romeo met Juliet was a prelude to their relationship.


Tybalt had profane thoughts about having Montagues at a Capulet's party.


The Capulet's house the opposite of puny.


If Romeo would have been caught after the Capulet's party, the guards would have been ruthless in their treatment of him.


The Capulet's and the Montagues had started a skirmish in the town center.

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