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What conference wrote a rough draft for the formation of the UN?

Dumbarton Oaks

Who chaired the meeting at Dumbarton Oaks?

Alger Hiss

What two issues remained unresolved at the conclusion of the Dumbarton Oaks conference?

1. Extent of veto power
2. Number of seats

Where was the charter for the UN drafted?

San Francisco

What organ of the UN is comprised of all member states?

General Assembly

What organ of the UN is composed of five permanent members and ten elected members?

Security Council

What organ of the UN includes the secretary-general and his under-secretaries?


The UN was based on a ______ document, not a _________ document

War, Peace

What 20th Century hero exposed Communism in the U.S.?

Joseph McCarthy

What former Communist spy blew the whistle on Alger Hiss?

Wittaker Chambers

What is McCarthyism?

Defend U.S. at home and abroad

What doctrine stated that the U.S. would defend existing free countries and would practice "containment"?

Truman Doctrine

What was the "New Deal" of Europe?

Marshall Plan

What program encouraged statism and socialism in Europe by matching state programs dollar for dollar to rebuild Europe?

Marshall Plan

Were the Soviets ever held accountable for the Berlin Blockade?


What association of countries (an arm of the UN) promised that if any of the countries involved were invaded, the others would send troops?


How long did the Berlin Airlift last?

9 months

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