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6th Grade - Chapter 9 - Roman Republic


a form of government in which the leader is not a king or queen but a person elected by citizens


smaller unit of the Roman army made up of about 6,000 soldiers


the be apart from others


the ability to contain or produce


a new division of time in history or in a book


position or rank


people who lived to the north of Rome in Etruria; greatly influenced the Romans and changed the city of Rome into a city of bricks and mortar rather than just grass-roofed huts


the strongest ruling family under the Etruscans


the local people from the area of what became known as Rome


the Trojan hero writing about by the poet Virgil, who people say helped to found the city of Rome


one of the twin brothers from the traditional story of the founding of Rome


one of the twin brothers from the traditional story of the founding of Rome; some say Rome was named after him


island off the south-western tip of mainland Italy (off the tip of the toe of the boot)


the mountain range that runs all the way down Italy from north to south


the plains of central Italy where the Latin people lived, who later became known as the Romans

Tiber River

a river running up from the Mediterranean Sea upon which Rome was situated; gave Romans a source of water and a way to be connected to the rest of the Mediterranean world, but protected them from raids by pirates


area to the north of Rome that had been home to the Etruscans

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