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  1. Which of the following statements about biological diversity is NOT true?
    A. Scientists estimate that 10-50 million species exist.
    B. Biodiversity is described in terms of genetic, community, and landscape diversity.
    C. Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth.
    D. Biodiversity is evenly distributed throughout the biosphere.
    E. Many species that are in danger of extinction have not been identified and studied.
  2. Animals that are revered by humans due to their appearance or emotional ties are
    A. flagship species.
    B. keystone species.
    C. endangered species.
    D. threatened species.
  3. Depletion of the ozone layer will lead to increased crop production and enhanced immune systems.
    True False
  4. Forests and other ecosystems may decrease the chances of flooding in an area due to their water-holding capacity.
    True False
  1. a True
  2. b A. flagship species.
  3. c D. Biodiversity is evenly distributed throughout the biosphere.
  4. d False

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  1. E. All of these are examples of introduced alien species.
  2. False
  3. D. A, B, and C only are correct.
  4. False
  5. C. A lake can die due to eutrophication, which is a lack of nutrients.

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  1. The use of noncultivated fruit, animal skins, fiber, beeswax, and fish are examples of the ______ value of biodiversity.
    A. agricultural use
    B. medicinal use
    C. consumptive use
    D. contributions to the biogeochemical cycles
    C. consumptive use


  2. The Everglades ecosystem
    A. no longer receives water from natural sources as in the past and is drying out.
    B. contains sawgrass prairie and mangrove sloughs.
    C. has diverse bird, wildlife, and growing seasons
    D. A, B, and C are correct.
    E. B and C only are true.
    C. a natural phenomenon due to absorption of sunlight and re-radiating of the heat.


  3. Which of the following statements concerning the indirect values of biodiversity is NOT correct?
    A. Trees take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen when they photosynthesize.
    B. Forests act as a sponge to soak up water and release it during drier periods.
    C. If biodiversity cannot maintain the biogeochemical cycles, then technology will have to artificially create those cycles.
    D. Diverse organisms are critical in breaking down wastes and immobilizing pollutants.
    E. All of the choices are correct. None of these statements are incorrect.
    E. C and D are incorrect.


  4. Biodiversity "frontiers" are areas that
    A. have high rates of extinction.
    B. lack diversity.
    C. have many more species than formerly thought.
    D. are replacing native species with exotic species.
    E. are fragile in comparison with other ecosystems.
    C. have many more species than formerly thought.


  5. ______ is a phenomenon in which the edges around a landscape patch provide a slightly different habitat than the favorable habitat in the interior of the patch.
    A. The edge effect
    B. Overexploitation
    C. Sustainable development
    D. Landscape preservation
    E. Eutrophication
    A. Overexploitation occurs