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And operator

an operator used in a query that selects records that match all of two or more conditions in a query.


a menu that opens when you click the arrow on the right side of a field selector in a datasheet. The menu contains options for sorting data and for applying and clearing filters.

Calculated field

a field in a query, form, or report that displays a value that is calculated using a combination of operators, constants, and the values in other fields.

Common field

a field that appears in two or more tables in a database and that has the same data type and field values. A common field (also called a matching field) is used to relate tables and usually has the same field name in the related tables.


in a query, a condition (also called a criterion) specifies which data to display in the query results.


the term given to the calculation used in a calculated field that identifies the fields and operators to use in the calculated field.


a temporary rearrangement of the records in a table, query, form, or report based on one or more specified conditions.

Filter by Form

a filter that you can apply to a datasheet or form that rearranges the records based on one or more field values that you select from a list.

Filter by Selection

a filter that you can apply to a datasheet or form that rearranges the records based on a selected field value or part of a field value.

Foreign key

when two tables in a database are related, the common field in the related table is called a foreign key.

Multitable query

a query that is based on the data in two or more tables

One-to-many relationship

a relationship between two tables in a database in which one record in the primary table can match many (zero, one, or many) records in the related table.

Or operator

an operator used in a query that selects records that match at least one of two or more conditions in a query


a database object that lets you ask the database about the data it contains

Referential integrity

a set of rules that a DBMS follows to ensure that there are matching values in the common field used to create the relationship between related table and that protects the data in related tables to make sure that data is not accidentally deleted or changed.


the feature of a DBMS that lets you connect the data in the tables in the database so you can create queries and other objects using the data from two or more tables.

Simple Query Wizard

the wizard in Access that lets you create a query and indicate what you'd like to see in the query results by selecting options in dialog boxes.


to arrange a list of words or numbers in ascending or descending order.


when two tables are related, the datasheet for the primary table contains expand indicators for each record. Clicking an expand indicator in the primary table displays the records in the related table in a datasheet.

Total row

the optional row in a datasheet that counts the number of values in a column. When a field contains numeric data, you can use the Total row to calculate the total, average, minimum, or maximum value in a column.

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