20 terms

mgm exam 1

In a very strong economy, where the demand for qualified job applicants exceeds the supply, the environmental characteristic of ____ is likely to be particularly salient for many companies.
What technique would Dofasco most likely have used to keep apprised of environmental changes that could impact how the company does business?
enviornmental scanning
Over the past 20 years, which of the following is an industry that has experienced both the stable and dynamic environments predicted by punctuated equilibrium theory?
airline industry has had periods of stability followed by those of change= puncutated equlib
An emphasis on ____ is likely to decrease opportunistic behavior but will never completely eliminate it.
relationship behavior
specific enviornment
costumer component,supplier,regulation,adcovacy
____ is used to refer to a company's practice of identifying and addressing customer trends and problems after they occur.
Reactive customer monitoring
cognative maps
relationship between enviornment and possible actions
consistent orginazational culture
strong like mcdonalds
competitive intertia
lazyness want to stick to old successful stratedgy
strategic dissonance
managers get diffrent memo dont carry out stratedgy well
core capabilities
managment and porccessses that make you better and enforce your distinctive compentincies
strategic group
core group of companies that top mamangers choose to compare or evaluate stratedgy
positioning strat
cost, differentation, focus
adaptive stratagies
defenders, prospectors, analyzers=middle
formds of global business
exporting cooperative contracts, startegic alliance, wholle owned affiliat
cooperartive contravt pay fee but may lose quality due to control given licensee
coop contract
strategic alliance
mostly in form of joint venture , high failure rater hard to mesh cultures of orginizations and countries
wholly owned affiliates
high risk high reward
global new venture
founded with global stratedgy