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Boundaries & Muscles of the Abdominopelvic Cavity

Exam 4
What make up the anterior & lateral boundaries of the abdominopelvic cavity?
Abdominal muscles & bony pelvis
In males, what penetrates the abdominal muscles inferiorly as it passes through the inguinal canal?
Spermatic chord
What boundary includes the vertebral column, boy pelvis, iliopsoas muscles, & fascia?
posterior boundary
What is the superior boundary of the abdominopelvic cavity?
What boundary is formed by the pelvic diaphragm?
inferior boundary
What is the pelvic diaphragm made from?
levator ani & coccygeus muscles
What originates at the pubis & inserts at the xiphoid process of the sternum?
rectus abdominus
What is the name of the band of connective tissue that connects the two rectus abdominus muscles?
linea alba
What is the site of attachment for the aponeuroses of the 3 abdominal oblique muscles?
linea alba
What originates at the borders of the ribs 5-12 & inserts at the linea alba?
external oblique
What is the most superficial of the anterolateral abdominal muscles?
external oblique
What originates at the lumbodorsal fascia & iliac crest?
internal oblique
What inserts at the inferior surface of 9-12, the linea alba, & pubis?
Internal oblique
What muscle lies just deep to the external abdominal oblique?
internal oblique
What originates on the cartilage of the lower ribs, lumbodorsal fascia, & iliac crest?
Transverse abdominus
What muscle inserts at the linea alba & pubis?
Transverse abdominus
What is the innermost of the abdominal muscles?
Transverse abdominus
What lies deep to the internal abdominal oblique?
transverse abdominus
What originates at the transverse processes of vertebrae T12-L5, & inserts at the lesser trochanter of the femur?
Psoas major
What originates at the iliac fossa & inserts at the lesser trochanter of the femur?
What muscles are often called the iliopsoas muscle because of their common insertion?
iliacus & psoas major
What do the muscles of the pelvic floor form?
urogenital triangle & anal triangle
What exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of pregnant women?
Kegel exercises
What muscles form a funnel-shaped layer of muscle, which tapers to surround the anal canal & the external anal sphincter?
levatores ani muscles
What two muscles form the levatores ani muscles?
pubococcygeus & iliococcygeus
The origins of what muscle are the inner wall of the pelvis from the pubis to the spine of the ischium?
levator ani
What lies posterior to the levator ani & anterior to the piriforms?
Coccygeus muscle
What originates at the ischium & inserts at the sacrum & coccyx?
coccygeus muscle
What muscle plays a strong role in assisting the levator ani in supporting the pelvic organs?
Coccygeus muscle
In males, what muscle encloses the bulb of the penis?
Bulbospongiosus muscle
What are the actions of the bulbospongious muscle in the male?
maintain erection of the penis, aid in ejaculation of semen, & aid in ejection of urine from the urethra
In females, what muscle is deep to the labia & covers the bulb of the vestibule?
Bulbospongiosus muscle
What is the erectile tissue that surrounds the vaginal & urethral orifices?
bulb of the vestibule
What originates at the ischial tuberosity & inserts close to the pubic symphysis along the crura of the penis or clitoris?
ischiocavernous muscle